Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I would like to post something political and serious for a change. A lot of people think I am this joker who just blogs about silly stuff.. Well first of all those people suck ass, and secondly this post shall prove to them that on the contrary the indian stallion can be serious and thought provoking.

Ok there have been a lot of issues that have been discussed in parliment lately , from the dramatic fall in the birth rate to legalising oral sex. But there is one issue that I think that has overlooked and I think should be addressed. Yes you know what I am talking about. I am talking about subsidies for penis enlargement surgery.

Yes I decided to be the spokesman for people who need the surgery, despite being more than adequate in that department. These guys had to go through adoloscence with low self-esteem and the fear of going to public showers. Some of them try and shrug it off when they reach adulthood. Others invent macho sounding nicknames that have animals that are supposedly known for their sexual prowess, just to mislead people about their own inadequecies when it comes to sex. Yes it's sad and pathetic but there are people who do that, believe me. But let us not be judgemental. You can't really blame these people for their shortcomings, is it their fault that they have 1/4 chinese blood and the only chinese feature that shows up physically is the one that counts the most ?? Do you know how difficult it was for them to go through army as a military policemen, having to see naked prisoners day in and day out and feeling so small in comparison?? No you don't ok, you have no idea what it was like !!!!

Ok I am getting a little carried away; what to do, I can't help but sympathise with these guys, eventhough I can't relate to what they are going through because as i mentioned earlier (but just to make sure you understand it) I have no problems with that area. But yeah the problem is penis enlargement surgery is pretty expensive in singapore now, and believe me I have checked every hospital its all the same price. But the government can help by heavily subsidising this surgery for those who need it. And this could help in solving the falling birth rate problem. So please talk to your neighbourhood MP and try and get him to raise this issue. Together we can make Singapore a better place for you and me.

Ok sorry to my 4 regular readers who couldn't see the scrollbars on my blog yesterday. I was testing out how to block the blogger ad at the top and I got it working on the Mozilla browser, but forgot to check IE. Paiseh. But seriously lor, give Firefox and/or Mozilla a chance. Once you import your IE bookmarks, install various plugins for Shockwave/Flash/Windows Media Player/Quicktime/Acrobat Reader and give up surfing sites that don't support non-IE browsers (like launch.com and Microsoft's windows update site) you will never wanna go back to using Internet Explorer. That is my promise to you, i am so sure that I am willing to bet my virginity on it. Not anal virginity though, you pervs.

And finally a joke I saw in a comment at Bibbs blog.

How many times does 44 go into 12?

Ask Michael Jackson.

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