Monday, March 22, 2004

I really love Elyse from that supermodel reality show! One gal was bitching that she didn't like her makeover cos it made her looked like a prostitute. Elyse then confessed to the camera that she didn't understand why , but then admitted that she didn't know much about prostitute fashion trends. Funny smartass chick.

Met my sis for dinner at Orchard after going for my pre-employment checkup, yeah I am getting my contract renewed. It was nice; haven't seen her in like 2 months. Updated her about what I been doing socially , which didn't take too long for obvious reasons. But I realised recently that I don't behave the same way around my sis as I do with other people. I don't really joke that much around her like I do with friends that I am very comfortable with. Which is kinda weird cos we are and have always been pretty close. Hmm one more question for the shrink.

Oh and also met a gal whose knowledge of music totally dwarves my own! This gal was into everything from Led Zeppelin to Mars Volta and she was recommending me so many bands that I never even heard of. And she even has vinyls and stuff! How cool is that ?

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