Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I have been getting a lot of negative comments about my previous post. About how it sounded like I was gay or I needed to get a life!! Well alright it's pretty obvious where this comments come from. All of you are jealous !!! Jealous of the love that me and *my precious share! Jealous that you don't share the same deep meaningful relationship with your own phone that I have with my precious. Well I'm sorry but I can't be the scapegoat for your own problems. You know maybe if you talked TO your phone as much as I did you wouldn't have this problem. And showed it the love and attention it deserves. Spend a weekend just doting over it, like what I did last weekend. Clean its face with a nice cloth after you kiss it. I am telling you it will appreciate all these small gestures. And for god's sake do get a bluetooth adapter can if you have a phone with bluetooth. It's ridiculous NOT having it, it's like a stallion having a big dick and not using it.

*my precious = Sony Ericsson T610 going for S$138 with a new line with M1

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