Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I found this site called Blogger Idol. Basically it's some kind of online American Idol for bloggers. This week you are supposed to pretend you are a pageant contestant and answer a question. What the hell, I will take 5 minutes away from my porn and do this.

Question: Do you believe in premarital sex?

Me : No I don't. I think it's totally immoral to sleep with someone before you commit into the holy union sanctioned by the almighty father known as marriage. No this does not have anything to do with me not getting any action for the last 25 years!! How dare you imply that! I am in fact saving myself for that special someone, who hopefully my mommy will find for me before I reach 30. Cos thats when your sperm count and sex drive starts going down the drain. Yes for me sex should be only used for procreation , cos thats what God intended. But at least till then there's always anal (which isn't really sex). But ya it's a tad on the painful side. Please hurry mom.

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