Sunday, March 28, 2004

I am totally in love with my new Sony T610. I wish I could make love to it , thats how much I adore this little bundle of joy that has unexpectedly came into my life. I clean its little smudgy face every hour or so and then proceed to shower it with kisses, upon which i giggle cos it gets all smudged again.

But seriously if you are a computer geek you will love this phone. Just get a bluetooth USB adapter for like around 50 bucks and you basically do all kinds of stuff from your PC. There is this amazing freeware called Float's Mobile Agent which allows you to basically do everything remotely from the PC. (delete messages , upload pics/games/sounds). I downloaded loads of free ringtones and wallpaper and pictures of my dogs into my PC and just transferred them to phone. And now I'm using this Kill Bill theme which I downloaded from this website , it's uma thurman in that hot yellow suit thingy she wore in the movie. How cool is that !

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