Friday, March 19, 2004

I am at home on Friday night. Damm sucky.

Lost my handphone charger a couple days ago; I searched everywhere for it but I can't find it. I suspect it's one of my parents who took it by accident but can't prove it. So I was using my mom's big ass Nokia 3310 phone . But now she wants it back and wants me to use my dad's Motorola Startec phone instead. You know one of those freaking ancient ones. I asked her to use that phone instead and let me hang out to the Nokia one, cos she doesn't even use SMS, but she blatantly refused. And this was someone whom I actually had to force not too long ago to get a handphone. Which I am really regretting like hell now. Oh well I might just head down to M1 tommorow and get myself a new phone with a new line, I been looking to get a new phone recently. Read great reviews on the Sony T616 and LG VX6000.

Just saw the news on TV - The PAS apparently promised the Malaysian citizens that they will go to heaven if they voted for them in the coming elections. The PAS is an Islamic political party who to the best of my knowledge want to impose hudud laws (which are ancient Islamic laws practiced by countries like Saudi Arabia) on everyone, including non-Muslims. These laws include a really bizarre one where a woman who wants to report a rape has to have 7 (or 5 I can't remember) witnesses who witnessed the rape first-hand. Anyway a poll conducted showed that 16 percent still supported the PAS. Thats a whole lot of dumb people.

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