Saturday, February 21, 2004

Ok I wanted to blog about this but I think I forgot (or did I blog about it already?) . I hate going to my Indian relatives' houses for those special functions like Deepavali or Xmas. Mainly because for some reason the guys and the gals are always segregated into 2 big groups. The gals will all be in the house talking among themselves , while the guys will all be outside the house drinking. There were times where I would be the only guy in the house cos I will be talking to one of my gal relatives ; the other guys probably thought I was gay or soft. It even happens in my house during Xmas. Yeah it is something which annoys me to no end. I mean I like to talk to people whether its guys or gals (ok usually i prefer gals cos I got way too many guys in my life already) but it just seems so damm silly to me.

Oh ya after procrastinating for like so long, here is the letter that I wrote to streats.
Pic 1
Pic 2

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