Saturday, February 07, 2004

Oh ya about the jeans I bought from Giordano last week , it cost me 49.90. As I was about to pay for it the salesgal told me I would get a free huge-ass Giordano umbrella if I made a purchase of at least 50 dollars. So I bought a pair of socks which was like 6 dollars. I would probably never use the umbrella cos its one of those really big ones, but I still bought it. Talk about being kiasu. Spend the rest of the day lugging it around, not hip at all. I don't even know where it is now

I talked to one of my friends in UK at her friend's place and she had a webcam so I could see her and her friends. Of cos me being my usual charming self was making really silly jokes and stuff, but it was really cool to see their facial responses, they were practically giggling away. It was kind of a nice feeling cos sometimes I wonder if I am just being really corny (as opposed to funny) and their "haha" responses are just obligatory. Should get one for myself soon.

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