Saturday, February 07, 2004

I will be going to Bangkok next Tuesday and be back on Friday. BTW I really can't stand some sales people. They offer the moon to their customers just to make that sale but they can't deliver and don't bother to after the sale is made. Then its up to the engineers to go there and clean up the mess and face the unhappy customers. ROAR!

Went to see the Thaipusam festival on Thursday with a friend. Well it was pretty interesting, I am still curious as to how they don't bleed when the hooks and spears are pierced through their skin . And then I saw this guy with a really thick spear (as thick as a small pipe) that went through from one cheek and out the other. I got no idea how he did that . A friend suggested that they take 'something' before they go through the piercing, but I disagree. There are some things in the world that just don't have an explanation.

Went to watch Along Came Polly with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and her boyfriend, yeah I met them by accident after I met another friend for dinner and they asked me along. I didn't really wanna go but they kinda persuaded me so i went and throughly enjoyed it! Well the first hour at least, it was really funny , think of Something About Mary, same kind of toilet humor. But the last 1/2 hour it kinda degenerated to standard romantic drivel where the guy realises that there is only one gal for him blah blah.

Oh and I bought a really hip sling bag , and a pair of jeans from Giordanos. Yeah just wanted to mention that.

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