Saturday, February 28, 2004

Had a pretty nice time yesterday. I asked a fellow colleague I got to know recently out to dinner, ok so it took me around 5 minutes to finally sum up the courage to give her a call but I did and she said yes.

I just love meeting new people. It's really interesting for me to hear other people's opinions and experiences about life, relationships, career goals etc. etc. And sometimes the things they say make me look at a certain topic in a new light; I guess there's a lot of things you can learn from other people. But I always prefer one-to-one outings to like group outings , the conversations are just so much more personal and involved that way. But the minus side is that it is harder to meet new people compared to like group outings.

After the dinner I met two friends for drinks, we shared a mini-barrel and a jug of Heineken. Got as high as a kite and came back home and puked my dinner out. That kinda sucked. Oh had a pretty interesting discussion amidst all that drinking, we were talking about how much the government sucked and didn't give a shit about the average singaporean, but one of them was like pro-government saying they had to raise prices of like everything during the recession otherwise the economy would die. Finally we agreed to disagree on that. And we also debated on the philosophical topic of S & M and where it was morally and socially acceptable. My opinion was as long all parties involved are willing I dun see a problem with it, which is my stand on most things. But one of them felt that it was just "wrong".

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