Sunday, February 29, 2004

Eeek just found out that someone took me off their Friendster list. Why dammit why ???? I already told all my friends that I have 35 friends , but now its only 34 !! Arrgh the shame!! They will think I was lying just to make myself seem more cool or something. Quick, i would be eternally grateful if someone add me (if you haven't done already) before anyone else realises it !

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Had a pretty nice time yesterday. I asked a fellow colleague I got to know recently out to dinner, ok so it took me around 5 minutes to finally sum up the courage to give her a call but I did and she said yes.

I just love meeting new people. It's really interesting for me to hear other people's opinions and experiences about life, relationships, career goals etc. etc. And sometimes the things they say make me look at a certain topic in a new light; I guess there's a lot of things you can learn from other people. But I always prefer one-to-one outings to like group outings , the conversations are just so much more personal and involved that way. But the minus side is that it is harder to meet new people compared to like group outings.

After the dinner I met two friends for drinks, we shared a mini-barrel and a jug of Heineken. Got as high as a kite and came back home and puked my dinner out. That kinda sucked. Oh had a pretty interesting discussion amidst all that drinking, we were talking about how much the government sucked and didn't give a shit about the average singaporean, but one of them was like pro-government saying they had to raise prices of like everything during the recession otherwise the economy would die. Finally we agreed to disagree on that. And we also debated on the philosophical topic of S & M and where it was morally and socially acceptable. My opinion was as long all parties involved are willing I dun see a problem with it, which is my stand on most things. But one of them felt that it was just "wrong".

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Went to watch Mystic River yesterday, didn't really think it was as good as the critics made it out to be. It just seemed a little too long and the ending wasn't really that satisfying. But hanged out with friend after that for quite a bit, that was fun.

I am really nervous about work now. Let's just say I can see the train coming from really far away but there is no way for me to get off the tracks. Well we will know if the train hits me in around a month's time. Right now that seems the most likely scenario.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Here is the 2 pairs of hip shoes that I bought couple months back. The maroon ones were the ones that caused me to slip at Orchard Road a month back. Totally zero traction I tell ya.

Hip shoes 1
Hip shoes 2

Oh and here is the calendar that Cat bought for me, thanks love ! But February's gal face like cannot make it leh . Ya ya I am an MCP so what.
Ok I wanted to blog about this but I think I forgot (or did I blog about it already?) . I hate going to my Indian relatives' houses for those special functions like Deepavali or Xmas. Mainly because for some reason the guys and the gals are always segregated into 2 big groups. The gals will all be in the house talking among themselves , while the guys will all be outside the house drinking. There were times where I would be the only guy in the house cos I will be talking to one of my gal relatives ; the other guys probably thought I was gay or soft. It even happens in my house during Xmas. Yeah it is something which annoys me to no end. I mean I like to talk to people whether its guys or gals (ok usually i prefer gals cos I got way too many guys in my life already) but it just seems so damm silly to me.

Oh ya after procrastinating for like so long, here is the letter that I wrote to streats.
Pic 1
Pic 2

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Life has been boring the last couple of weeks hence the lack of updates. My highlight of the day was seeing people run to get into the train that I was in but they didn't make it ; the train doors closed on them. The look on their faces when the doors close is really priceless I tell ya. I should take a picture next time.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Bangkok was damm boring. First I found out that I was not going to be at the Grand Hyatt but rather at a damm 4 star hotel located at the outskirts of the city. I mean what the hell , am I some kind of native or something !! I am an employee of here, at the very least I deserve a 4 and a half star hotel. The hotel sucked, the chicks there were not as hot; the pool was as small as my dick (which means its really really small); and worse of all there was no free porn on tv! Hell you would think that for 100 US Dollars a night that would be at least some basic porn available but no!

Anyway I was so busy that I didn't have much time to go out also, stayed in the hotel room half the time while the other half I was at the institute doing work stuff. Went to this nearby shopping mall for a quick dinner that was it. It was really huge though , much bigger than anything we have in Singapore. I bought a wallet that was it.

But the people there were really nice and the local cuisine for the most part was amazing, throughly enjoyed it. Especially the steaks.

My colleague did ask me to delay my flight to Sunday and tour bangkok with him, but I was going out with a friend today so I couldn't go. But when I came back last night she cancelled on me. So now stuck at home on V day; oh well that's how it is every year ..sniff...all the stallion wants is to be loved is that so wrong !

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Oh ya about the jeans I bought from Giordano last week , it cost me 49.90. As I was about to pay for it the salesgal told me I would get a free huge-ass Giordano umbrella if I made a purchase of at least 50 dollars. So I bought a pair of socks which was like 6 dollars. I would probably never use the umbrella cos its one of those really big ones, but I still bought it. Talk about being kiasu. Spend the rest of the day lugging it around, not hip at all. I don't even know where it is now

I talked to one of my friends in UK at her friend's place and she had a webcam so I could see her and her friends. Of cos me being my usual charming self was making really silly jokes and stuff, but it was really cool to see their facial responses, they were practically giggling away. It was kind of a nice feeling cos sometimes I wonder if I am just being really corny (as opposed to funny) and their "haha" responses are just obligatory. Should get one for myself soon.
I will be going to Bangkok next Tuesday and be back on Friday. BTW I really can't stand some sales people. They offer the moon to their customers just to make that sale but they can't deliver and don't bother to after the sale is made. Then its up to the engineers to go there and clean up the mess and face the unhappy customers. ROAR!

Went to see the Thaipusam festival on Thursday with a friend. Well it was pretty interesting, I am still curious as to how they don't bleed when the hooks and spears are pierced through their skin . And then I saw this guy with a really thick spear (as thick as a small pipe) that went through from one cheek and out the other. I got no idea how he did that . A friend suggested that they take 'something' before they go through the piercing, but I disagree. There are some things in the world that just don't have an explanation.

Went to watch Along Came Polly with a friend I haven't seen in a long time and her boyfriend, yeah I met them by accident after I met another friend for dinner and they asked me along. I didn't really wanna go but they kinda persuaded me so i went and throughly enjoyed it! Well the first hour at least, it was really funny , think of Something About Mary, same kind of toilet humor. But the last 1/2 hour it kinda degenerated to standard romantic drivel where the guy realises that there is only one gal for him blah blah.

Oh and I bought a really hip sling bag , and a pair of jeans from Giordanos. Yeah just wanted to mention that.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Yes haven't been blogging. Mostly cos I been meeting friends from NUS after work for most of the past week. It's kinda nice to catch up with people whom you haven't seen in a long time. Hope it doesn't take another year before we meet each other again.

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with some of my friends from junior college. I have tried to meet up with them quite a few times but they always seem to be too busy. And we all live in the east side also so I can't understand why they can't make a day free to have dinner or something. I am really interested to know what they been up to and stuff, but its quite obvious that they don't feel the same way.

Went to watch the Last Samurai on friday, it was ok i guess , wasn't as good as my sis said it was. But the friend I went with was like practically tearing near the end, it was kinda cute. I love to see chicks cry at movies, dun know why. Next movie I am going to watch is Lost In Translation, read great reviews on it and it has Bill Murray!
Ok going to go shopping in a couple of hours for hip clothes. Was supposed to go last week but it got cancelled. Yes there's no stopping my transformation to Hip-Bert, it WILL happen.