Friday, January 16, 2004

Yeah haven't had time to blog, mainly because I been meeting friends for dinner everyday this week since Sunday! It's been really fun. I am a sucker for good conversations and socialising, mainly cos I rarely get to have them. Got to meet someone who I been wanting to meet for a very long time on Sunday, and it was well worth the wait cos she turned out to be as fun as hell. Really hope to meet up with her really soon.

Also went out and bought 2 pairs of shoes on Wednesday. Yes this is stage one of my transformation to Hip-Bert. As my mama used to say it always starts with the shoes. Anyway I went into this shoe store near Peninisula Plaza and just asked the salesgal for the hippest shoes she had. She immediately rushed off and after 5 minutes came back with this brown Skechers shoes. I put them on but didn't really think they were that hip, but she assured me that they were hip, hell she told me that they are so hip that no one has dared to buy them so far. Anyway that got me sold and I bought them. The other pair I bought at another store in Peninsula Plaza, the uncle at the shop also assured me they were hip and he seemed like a really truthful guy. I will probably put up pictures of the shoes really soon so you can judge for yourself. But yeah I been asking chicks to like accompany me to go shopping for clothes and stuff recently, I finally decided to admit to myself that my dressing needs a major revamp despite my mom continuing to assure me I look good. Yup thats me , a 25 year old going through a mid-life crisis way too early.

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