Friday, January 02, 2004

So annoying , i tried posting an entry earlier today but it screwed up and I lost all of it.

Ok so I spend NYE at home watching the countdown, man Jamie Yeo has a really hot body I tell ya, what I won't give to be foaming it up with her at the party. I could swear that for a moment she was looking at me right through the TV screen asking me to go down and join her. But most of the show was pretty lame, you had the local celebs doing their own god-awful renditions of the biggest radio hits of 03. Evanescene would have puked blood if they saw the rendition of Bring Me To Life , complete with dancers. These idiots don't even know that you do not have dancers for a rock song, thats like a huge no no.

For New Year Day I popped over at my uncle's place with my sis and dad, I haven't been there like for 10 years so it was nice to see them again and talk to my cousins. Then went to buy a Microwave oven for my mom cos she wanted it since like forever. Spending now while I have the chance, there's a very real possibility that in a few months it might not be possible anymore.

Went to watch School of Rock just now, it was funny as hell. There was even one time I was laughing so hard I had tears from my eyes. Jack Black is the ultimate funnyman. And a pretty mean rocker too. Highly recommended!

BTW I have a pretty grandiose plan to change my whole image in the new year in a desperate and final attempt to score with the chicks. Was gonna change my nick from Indian Stallion to Hip-Bert for starters, as well as change my blog design to something more psychedelic with like swirling colors and stuff. But so far got nothing but negative comments about my idea. Aren't friends supposed to be supportive !!!? Dun wanna friend all of you anymore!

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