Friday, January 09, 2004


Went to watch ROTK yesterday. It was pretty good, and the battle scenes were truly amazing. But had quite a few complaints.
One is how come Gandalf never even used any magic in the movie? I mean like hello, isn't that the whole advantage of being a wizard! And no the light thing from the staff to scare away the flying dragon thingys doesn't count, hell i think that was just luck, it was probably like sunlight reflecting off his staff. I am not asking for much, but a few Magic Missiles, Fireballs or even an Ice Storm would have been really cool. But all I saw was the old man fighting with his staff and sword. Disappointing leh.

Also the ending kinda dragged a little. After the climax involving the ring I was expecting it to end soon but it went on for like an extra 1/2 hour. OK can understand he was maybe trying to be faithful to the book or something but thought he should have speeded it up a little.

Then at the climax I was expecting the bad guy (saroman or something) to come out and start fighting and killing people, instead he was just a huge red eye on top of a tower....ooooh very intimidating.
Finally, I think Liv Tyler should have stripped in the movie, it would have added an added dimension (a sense of vulnerability) to her character which I felt seemed out of place in the movie. Fine fine I just wanted to see her boobs happy !!!

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