Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Read this in Streats yesterday morning, quoted from LeeHL, regarding the possible lifting of the ban on firecrackers.
"In the old days it was quite a hassle, people got maimed and some got killed"

Heh really like the usage of the word 'hassle' to describe the maiming and fatal accidents caused by firecrackers.
Then in the next paragraph by him again,
"It's fun, it's something fresh because it's not been done for over 30 years."

Talk about contradicting yourself. And if thats considered fun and refreshing then he has less of a life than me. Which I assure you is a very bad thing.

Then in today's Strait Times a colleague pointed out something really funny. On the front page is a picture of a few government officials confiscating civet cats in China to be culled, you know due to the whole Sars thing. The funny thing is one official is fully decked in protective gear, complete with the white body suit, mask and hair cap. But the guy holding the civet cat by its tail is dressed in army fatigues and holding the civet cat with his bare hand!
BTW wanna say thanks to C for highlighting in public my inferior spelling skills. Apparently, I spelled "civic" instead of "civet"! Hmmph!!

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