Friday, January 23, 2004

Installed Java Desktop System (JDS) on my 2nd hard disk a couple days ago. JDS is Sun Micro's implementation of SuSe Linux , it is basically a low-cost alternative to M$ Windows. Comes with Instant Messenger, StarOffice (Office Suite that allows you to open, creat and edit M$ Word/Excel/Powerpoint docs) and Mozilla browser among other stuff. But horrible thing is that for some 'unknown' reason they left out MSN Messenger support in the instant messenger. Big mistake in my opinion and a tad childish. Anyway I had no choice but to manually install it.

Went to watch Stuck On You with an old friend earlier. Really wanted to watch The Last Samurai instead but gave in . Kidna regretted cos the movie really sucked balls, I barely laughed the whole movie. Highly not recommended.

Recently re-met this NUS schoolmate who was a friend of a friend of a friend , I barely talked to her back then , u know with me being super shy and all back then, but been talking to her online the past week or so , and she is a really interesting person to talk to. Oh well better late than never right to know someone. Actually theres this other gal, a very bubbly chick that I would have really like to get to know in Uni, she seemed really friendly. Now can't remember her name even....oh well no point regretting.

A friend recommended me this pub called The Crazy Elephant where they have like bands over the weekend. Really wanna check it out. Anyone else recommends it ? Eh comment ah, if not then I look damm stupid for asking.

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