Sunday, January 25, 2004

I fell in Orchard a few days ago. I was having lunch with my sis and it started raining really heavily. And my new totally hip shoes, while nice to look at , are apparently not made with functionality in mind cos I kept slipping. And then I fell. Right at the traffic junction where the pavement meets the road near the Thai embassy. It was so not hip. But I did like jump back up in a totally hip manner and this chick who was staring at me seemed pretty impressed at my fast recovery so it wasn't all bad, hell she was smiling at me !

Oh been thinking a lot during the long Chinese New Year break (hey there is only so much porn you can watch in 3 days) and I came up with this brilliant extension to that they should consider. See, what happens when u fall out with a friend, do you delete her from your friendster list? Then what happens if you patch things up with her again cos then its kinda weird to ask for her authorisation again. So I propose a friendster probation list. If you had a falling out with a friend, you can put her on the friendster probation list. The system then sends an email to that friend informing her that she is in danger of being deleted as your friend. This will then cause her to try and patch things up with you out of desperation. After which you can take her off the probation list and be good friends again! Sigh you know I really should do something with all these ideas and make me some money.

Still on the topic of Friendster, I just added another one bringing my total to 32 !! Yes thats 18 more to 50. No I am not keeping count. But one of them isn't really my friend, I don't know who the hell she was and she just added me. I thought she was someone I knew long ago so I authorised her. Then asked her who she was and she told me she didn't know me. Oh well every new gal friend brings me a step closer to getting laid so can't really complain.

Was watching this documentary just now on this American gal who was given up by her vietnamese mother when she was really young, so she went back to see her. However, it was not the joyful reunion that she (or even I) expected , her mom and her family had really high expectations of her which she couldn't handle. Add to that the culture shock and the inability to communicate with her mom and siblings, and the end result was that she was overwhelmed. She went back to U.S. very sad and disappointed, regretting her decision to come to Vietnam and wishing that she had just treasured the memories of her childhood instead. Yup thats life ain't it , it's not always a happy ending.

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