Monday, January 26, 2004

I am famous !!! I got my letter published in today's Streats, check it out it's at the bottom of page 16. I wrote about measures that could be taken to solve the problem of pet abandonment. Please spread the word around to all your friends and let me enjoy my 15 sec of fame. But rest assured you normal folks, the Stallion will not let fame go to his head, I am still the same charming, innocent boy I was before all of this happened, only difference now is that I am a writer for Streats !!! Well they did edit out some parts of my letter, like how my dogs help improve my social life by making chicks believe that I am sensitive and caring but hey that's their right. Well at least I found my true calling, I wanna be a writer !! Yup I think should give up on being a porn actor and use my newspaper-worthy writing skills.

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