Monday, January 26, 2004

I am famous !!! I got my letter published in today's Streats, check it out it's at the bottom of page 16. I wrote about measures that could be taken to solve the problem of pet abandonment. Please spread the word around to all your friends and let me enjoy my 15 sec of fame. But rest assured you normal folks, the Stallion will not let fame go to his head, I am still the same charming, innocent boy I was before all of this happened, only difference now is that I am a writer for Streats !!! Well they did edit out some parts of my letter, like how my dogs help improve my social life by making chicks believe that I am sensitive and caring but hey that's their right. Well at least I found my true calling, I wanna be a writer !! Yup I think should give up on being a porn actor and use my newspaper-worthy writing skills.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Someone stumbled to my blog by searching on google with the words "bro sucks little sis boobs". What can you say to that ?
I fell in Orchard a few days ago. I was having lunch with my sis and it started raining really heavily. And my new totally hip shoes, while nice to look at , are apparently not made with functionality in mind cos I kept slipping. And then I fell. Right at the traffic junction where the pavement meets the road near the Thai embassy. It was so not hip. But I did like jump back up in a totally hip manner and this chick who was staring at me seemed pretty impressed at my fast recovery so it wasn't all bad, hell she was smiling at me !

Oh been thinking a lot during the long Chinese New Year break (hey there is only so much porn you can watch in 3 days) and I came up with this brilliant extension to that they should consider. See, what happens when u fall out with a friend, do you delete her from your friendster list? Then what happens if you patch things up with her again cos then its kinda weird to ask for her authorisation again. So I propose a friendster probation list. If you had a falling out with a friend, you can put her on the friendster probation list. The system then sends an email to that friend informing her that she is in danger of being deleted as your friend. This will then cause her to try and patch things up with you out of desperation. After which you can take her off the probation list and be good friends again! Sigh you know I really should do something with all these ideas and make me some money.

Still on the topic of Friendster, I just added another one bringing my total to 32 !! Yes thats 18 more to 50. No I am not keeping count. But one of them isn't really my friend, I don't know who the hell she was and she just added me. I thought she was someone I knew long ago so I authorised her. Then asked her who she was and she told me she didn't know me. Oh well every new gal friend brings me a step closer to getting laid so can't really complain.

Was watching this documentary just now on this American gal who was given up by her vietnamese mother when she was really young, so she went back to see her. However, it was not the joyful reunion that she (or even I) expected , her mom and her family had really high expectations of her which she couldn't handle. Add to that the culture shock and the inability to communicate with her mom and siblings, and the end result was that she was overwhelmed. She went back to U.S. very sad and disappointed, regretting her decision to come to Vietnam and wishing that she had just treasured the memories of her childhood instead. Yup thats life ain't it , it's not always a happy ending.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Installed Java Desktop System (JDS) on my 2nd hard disk a couple days ago. JDS is Sun Micro's implementation of SuSe Linux , it is basically a low-cost alternative to M$ Windows. Comes with Instant Messenger, StarOffice (Office Suite that allows you to open, creat and edit M$ Word/Excel/Powerpoint docs) and Mozilla browser among other stuff. But horrible thing is that for some 'unknown' reason they left out MSN Messenger support in the instant messenger. Big mistake in my opinion and a tad childish. Anyway I had no choice but to manually install it.

Went to watch Stuck On You with an old friend earlier. Really wanted to watch The Last Samurai instead but gave in . Kidna regretted cos the movie really sucked balls, I barely laughed the whole movie. Highly not recommended.

Recently re-met this NUS schoolmate who was a friend of a friend of a friend , I barely talked to her back then , u know with me being super shy and all back then, but been talking to her online the past week or so , and she is a really interesting person to talk to. Oh well better late than never right to know someone. Actually theres this other gal, a very bubbly chick that I would have really like to get to know in Uni, she seemed really friendly. Now can't remember her name even....oh well no point regretting.

A friend recommended me this pub called The Crazy Elephant where they have like bands over the weekend. Really wanna check it out. Anyone else recommends it ? Eh comment ah, if not then I look damm stupid for asking.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

OH David Bowie is coming to town ! think its the first or second week of February. Thinking of going to watch him; ok I haven't heard a lot of his music to be honest, but this was the guy who inspired Manson's Mechanical Animals so thats really something. I am already downloading some of his old stuff to listen to. Anyone else interested in going ?

OK and also A Perfect Circle is going to be performing in Perth the end of February. I really really wanna go see them, and maybe at the same time take a holiday too there. But looking for someone to go as well ! But the thing is I don't know that many people who are into A Perfect Circle. It really sucks how no decent bands come to Singapore.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Weekend was a total waste. Watched my beloved Man Utd play like crap and lose to bottom club Wolves thats about it. Meeting an ex-colleague for coffee tommorow, looking forward to that. But this big guy from my Company will be here tommorow, and apparently he wants to meet my team at 6:30 pm, so just for that we have to wait for him. I don't really see the point in it, he will probably just say "thanks for your good work" and so forth.

Oh I finally tested out the microwave oven I bought for my mom couple weeks ago; heh we were all huddling around it and watching while it heated up tuna for a whole minute. Yes we never had one before this. I was a little nervous, was afraid it would explode or something but thank god it didn't. And the tuna came out all piping hot! Man sometimes you can't help but be amazed by the wonders of technology!

Friday, January 16, 2004

Yeah haven't had time to blog, mainly because I been meeting friends for dinner everyday this week since Sunday! It's been really fun. I am a sucker for good conversations and socialising, mainly cos I rarely get to have them. Got to meet someone who I been wanting to meet for a very long time on Sunday, and it was well worth the wait cos she turned out to be as fun as hell. Really hope to meet up with her really soon.

Also went out and bought 2 pairs of shoes on Wednesday. Yes this is stage one of my transformation to Hip-Bert. As my mama used to say it always starts with the shoes. Anyway I went into this shoe store near Peninisula Plaza and just asked the salesgal for the hippest shoes she had. She immediately rushed off and after 5 minutes came back with this brown Skechers shoes. I put them on but didn't really think they were that hip, but she assured me that they were hip, hell she told me that they are so hip that no one has dared to buy them so far. Anyway that got me sold and I bought them. The other pair I bought at another store in Peninsula Plaza, the uncle at the shop also assured me they were hip and he seemed like a really truthful guy. I will probably put up pictures of the shoes really soon so you can judge for yourself. But yeah I been asking chicks to like accompany me to go shopping for clothes and stuff recently, I finally decided to admit to myself that my dressing needs a major revamp despite my mom continuing to assure me I look good. Yup thats me , a 25 year old going through a mid-life crisis way too early.

Monday, January 12, 2004

I won 50 bucks !!! On a whim I bet 10 bucks on the Manchester United - Newcastle match yesterday night , 5 bucks on 0 goals at odds 12.0, and 5 bucks on 1 goal which was at odds 6.1. Well it was a goalless draw so i won 12 times $5 - $10= 50 bucks. Damm if I had bet 10 bucks I would have won 110 bucks. Eh wait if I had bet 100 I would have won $1200!! That's it I am going to bet 100 dollars the next time!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Ok wanna ask a question : Is it weird for 2 guys to go for dinner and ice cream after work ? I don't see anything wrong with it but a friend tells me he wouldn't do it. So just wondering what is the general opinion on this.

Speaking of which a funny thing happened at Swensen's yesterday. I and a friend were in the queue waiting for a seat, and there was a guy, wife , a kid and a maid in front of us. Then for no damm reason the kid looked at me and started laughing. I got so pissed off that I remarked to my friend "The bloody kid laughing at me" out loud,the dad heard it and he turned and apologized. Thank god he wasn't mad I called his kid bloody. Relly lucky he wasn't the ah beng type.

Ok got trashed this morning again at bball, I lost because of a recurrence of an old sports injury I suffered in kindergarden, otherwise I would have won !

I been in a pretty good mood last week, have to say it was one of the best weeks i had in the past year. Don't know how long it is gonna last but might as well enjoy it while I can. This is despite the fact I got cancelled twice by friends who were supposed to meet me for dinner!

My song of the week has to be "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness, i been listening to it non-stop. The darkness is a rock band that borrows very heavily from 70s/80s rock , very campy but somehow they pull it off. Go check it out alright!

Can't explain all the feelings that you're making me feel
My heart's in over drive and you're behind the steering wheel
Touching you, touching me, touching you cause you're touching me
I believe in a thing called love, just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we can make it now, we'll be lookin till the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called luuuuuurrrrrrvvveeeee....

Sigh if I could only sing this to a certain gal.

Friday, January 09, 2004

I am aching all over now. Yes the stallion finally decided to get off his increasingly big ass and go for a game of basketball. After 15 minutes in a 1 on 1 game I felt like dying. Anyway got pretty much trashed despite my attempts at distracting my friend with my between-the-legs dribbles and sky hooks, I guess they can only invoke so much laughter before they wear off. But hell it was still fun to work out a sweat after such a long long time. Gonna be doing it tommorow morning again.

Went to watch ROTK yesterday. It was pretty good, and the battle scenes were truly amazing. But had quite a few complaints.
One is how come Gandalf never even used any magic in the movie? I mean like hello, isn't that the whole advantage of being a wizard! And no the light thing from the staff to scare away the flying dragon thingys doesn't count, hell i think that was just luck, it was probably like sunlight reflecting off his staff. I am not asking for much, but a few Magic Missiles, Fireballs or even an Ice Storm would have been really cool. But all I saw was the old man fighting with his staff and sword. Disappointing leh.

Also the ending kinda dragged a little. After the climax involving the ring I was expecting it to end soon but it went on for like an extra 1/2 hour. OK can understand he was maybe trying to be faithful to the book or something but thought he should have speeded it up a little.

Then at the climax I was expecting the bad guy (saroman or something) to come out and start fighting and killing people, instead he was just a huge red eye on top of a tower....ooooh very intimidating.
Finally, I think Liv Tyler should have stripped in the movie, it would have added an added dimension (a sense of vulnerability) to her character which I felt seemed out of place in the movie. Fine fine I just wanted to see her boobs happy !!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Read this in Streats yesterday morning, quoted from LeeHL, regarding the possible lifting of the ban on firecrackers.
"In the old days it was quite a hassle, people got maimed and some got killed"

Heh really like the usage of the word 'hassle' to describe the maiming and fatal accidents caused by firecrackers.
Then in the next paragraph by him again,
"It's fun, it's something fresh because it's not been done for over 30 years."

Talk about contradicting yourself. And if thats considered fun and refreshing then he has less of a life than me. Which I assure you is a very bad thing.

Then in today's Strait Times a colleague pointed out something really funny. On the front page is a picture of a few government officials confiscating civet cats in China to be culled, you know due to the whole Sars thing. The funny thing is one official is fully decked in protective gear, complete with the white body suit, mask and hair cap. But the guy holding the civet cat by its tail is dressed in army fatigues and holding the civet cat with his bare hand!
BTW wanna say thanks to C for highlighting in public my inferior spelling skills. Apparently, I spelled "civic" instead of "civet"! Hmmph!!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Was watching Chelsea vs. Watford on Channel 22 and imagine my surprise when they played At the Drive-In's One Armed Scissors music video during the half-time interval.
My friend just had a new puppy who is like the cutest little thing ever ! Check out his picture HERE

Friday, January 02, 2004

So annoying , i tried posting an entry earlier today but it screwed up and I lost all of it.

Ok so I spend NYE at home watching the countdown, man Jamie Yeo has a really hot body I tell ya, what I won't give to be foaming it up with her at the party. I could swear that for a moment she was looking at me right through the TV screen asking me to go down and join her. But most of the show was pretty lame, you had the local celebs doing their own god-awful renditions of the biggest radio hits of 03. Evanescene would have puked blood if they saw the rendition of Bring Me To Life , complete with dancers. These idiots don't even know that you do not have dancers for a rock song, thats like a huge no no.

For New Year Day I popped over at my uncle's place with my sis and dad, I haven't been there like for 10 years so it was nice to see them again and talk to my cousins. Then went to buy a Microwave oven for my mom cos she wanted it since like forever. Spending now while I have the chance, there's a very real possibility that in a few months it might not be possible anymore.

Went to watch School of Rock just now, it was funny as hell. There was even one time I was laughing so hard I had tears from my eyes. Jack Black is the ultimate funnyman. And a pretty mean rocker too. Highly recommended!

BTW I have a pretty grandiose plan to change my whole image in the new year in a desperate and final attempt to score with the chicks. Was gonna change my nick from Indian Stallion to Hip-Bert for starters, as well as change my blog design to something more psychedelic with like swirling colors and stuff. But so far got nothing but negative comments about my idea. Aren't friends supposed to be supportive !!!? Dun wanna friend all of you anymore!