Sunday, December 07, 2003

Went to a distant cousin's "coming of age" ceremony. For the unintiated, this is a ceremony that is perfomed for a gal when she reaches puberty and is performed by some Indian families, usually the more traditional ones. Didn't really wanna go but I had no plans anyway so I did , at least I got to catch up with my sis and a cousin who I recently got pretty close to. But the father of the gal who was undergoing the ceremony seemed a bit arrogant. My uncle was eating the fruit cake which was given as the door gift , and the guy came over and asked if he liked it and proceeded to highlight the fact that it was homemade and WAS really expensive. I was tempted to go "WOW that's really impressive" but didn't, otherwise I probably wouldn't get to bring back the cake, which I have to admit had a really nice homemade and expensive taste.

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