Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Went shopping for clothes on Sunday with a friend. I really HATE shopping. Mainly because I can never get clothes that fit me. I saw a couple of shirts that I liked but when I tried them on they dun fit and thats the largest size. Is it my fault that I have a bigger stomach bone compared to most people !? Anyway I ended up getting 2 shirts thats it. Gotta get my pants and shoes another day.

Also got a couple of xmas presents from Borders, but just realised I totally forgot to buy a present for one person. I have to go down to Borders on wednesday again.

Just finished watching "As Good as It Gets" on Channel i , i think I watched it like 10 times so far. I am usually not into romantic comedies but this movie is really something different altogether, mainly because the 2 leads in the movie aren't your typical romantic leads, they are both pretty dsyfunctional in their own way and i think this sets it apart. And of cos there is that scene where Helen Hunt is wet to the core wearing a flimsy T-shirt.

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