Sunday, December 28, 2003

OK so it (XMAS) wasn't as bad as I expected. Gotta ogle at some of my really hot cousins (not blood related ok) , and of cos as is customary every year everyone was raving about my mom's ayam masak merah. But I was pretty quiet the whole day, just not very comfortable around people I don't know well, unlike my sis who is like super sociable. But hope my sis learns how to cook it soon, cos my mom isn't getting any younger and its a really tiring dish to prepare. But I don't know if it is me but kids nowdays seem so much older than they look. I was kinda checking out my uncle's daughter who I thought was at least 17-18, turned out that she was only 14.

Went to a pub in Changi on Saturday with a couple of friends and hanged out for a bit. It was really nice to hang out with them for a while and talk cock, and one of them bought me the Kill Bill sountrack for Xmas. Thanks babe !

Hanged out with my sis at her place yesterday. Been hanging out with her since Xmas eve, and its good cos nowdays its really hard for us to spend any time together, and her living so far away doesn't really help either. But think she really liked my gift, that was cool.

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