Sunday, November 30, 2003

Went to watch a German movie (The english title is "Us") on Friday with a couple of friends. It kinda sucked , it was about the life of this group of working adults in Berlin, there was no plot whatsoever. But the really hot German gal in the movie bared her boobs so that was worth some of the 9 bucks I paid. But everyone went back after the movie which was a little disappointing, was hoping to talk cock a bit longer with one of them whom I don't really get to see that often.

Other than that my weekend was a total waste, I spend it at home playing CM4, taking Chelsea and practically thrashing everyone else in the league. Yes I got no life. I was thinking of taking up roller-blading and at least try to get some exercise over the weekends but can't find anyone who would wanna do it with me on a regular basis at East Coast or something. Any takers?

Been really busy this week. No mood to blog.

Today : 4/10

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