Sunday, November 02, 2003

Went to see 'The Frenchmen' ,a French movie about 4 middle-aged guys who were having different problems with their relationships. One cheated on his wife repeatedly with different women, another had a much younger gf who wants to settle down but he was reluctant to, the 3rd found out that his wife cheated on him once and the last didnt have a r/s and shags older women. the movie was so-so , pace was a tad slow for me it seemed like it lasted like 3 hours when it was only 100 minutes long. But I think the movie was trying to show that most marriages have their fair share of problems but the people in the r/s still stay together because of the fear of being alone . The guy who cheats on his wife still does so but the wife accepts that hes screwing other women. The single guy hooks up with a slightly psychotic chick who is like so obsessive over him, the guy with the younger gal ends retiring and up moving in with her , and the guy who got cheated on got back together with his wife.

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