Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Some people are just unbelievable. I am talking about the contestants of the reality skin flick "Are You Hot?" that is on Channel 5 every Monday at 10pm. The contestants who got rejected for not being hot enough get so upset about it that they cry. 1 person even while sobbing insists that all her friends and family found her hot. Hey if I cried everytime someone told me I wasn't hot, I would be crying every other day. I mean if you gonna cry about something it shouldn't be about the fact that someone whom you don't even know though your ass was too big. Hope they get teased land ridiculed about it by their peers; cos they really deserve it.

Going over to my sister's place later, it's her mom-in-law's birthday today and my mom is cooking ayam masak merah just for her. Heh if you haven't tried it you have no idea what you are missing; it's like my favourite food ever. Also will be nice to catch up with the sis, but only wish we could have some alone time together, that would be nice cos we haven't really talked one to one for a long time.

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