Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I got stood up yesterday. I was supposed to watch Matrix Revolutions at the IMAX Cinema at GV Grand with a friend, we planned it like 2 weeks ago. Then 5 hours before we are about to meet she tells me she can't make it because her boyfriend isn't too happy about it. So that left me little choice but to call everyone I knew to ask them if they are free, even those people who I haven't talked in like years. Hey I was desperate ok. One of them even asked who I was, and I was like "Remember me , Gilbert, the guy who sat 10 rows behind you in primary school?"; she hung up. Then there were the many others who said they need to wash their hair. Is Monday like a hair-washing night or something? *confused* Anyway finally I manage to get a friend who was free that night, I was so relieved cos I was really thinking of going to watch alone if I couldn't find anyone. I told her I loved her when she said she will meet me, and she almost changed her mind. Gotta be more careful next time. Thank god I didn't offer to give up to her my precious virginity.

Anyway ended up having a pretty good time, we went to Brewerkz for dinner, I whacked a poretty large pizza cos I didn't have lunch and I also kinda took some of her food. Had this beer called Golden Ale, its this really light beer that has very little bitterness, so if u dun like that bitter beer taste you should give it a try.

Ok now about the movie. Matrix Revolutions was a big disappointment. All the questions I wanted answered were either not answered or answered in 2 sentences. For example, I was curious how it was possible for Zion to be destroyed and rebuilt seven times. Who rebuilt it when it was destroyed each time, if all the humans in Zion were killed? That question was never answered. The question of how Neo could stop the machines in the 'real' world was explained in 2 sentences, which would be fine but it was very unconvincing. I didn't really understand the ending as well but will not give any spoilers here. But the IMAX cinema was really amazing, totally big ass screen I am definitely gonna try and go there again really soon for another movie.

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