Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Heh as much as I hate it sometimes I tend to make assumptions about people based on previous experiences. One is that most women are pretty scared when it comes to fiddling with their computers; they get so worried that they gonna screw it up by installing software. So imagine my surprise when a gal I was talking to couple days ago was actually installing freeware that I was recommending on the spot and trying them out! And heh yeah I never would imagine that she was the type who would be interested in that kinda stuff, that was my mistake. Heh but it was a really pleasant surprise....too bad she's taken. :(
Anyway check out the following freeware that I recommend highly for any PC.

1. Irfanview
Free graphics editor/viewer that I swear by. Allows you to scroll through pictures in a directory, as well as very simple to use resizing functions, even allows batch resizing. very useful when you wanna resize the whole lot of pics from your digicam.

2. Mozilla Browser and Email Client 1.5
Much better alternative to Internet Explorer. Kills pop-up windows, password/form manager, tab browsing, loads faster, bigger screen size. Email Client is way way better than Outlook Express. Even has a built in spam filter.

3. Startup Mechanic
Shows you all the programs that are automatically started when you start Windows and categorises them to different categories (Essential, Useful,Useless, Harmfull) and allows you to disable them. Recommended if you think your windows is really slow when you boot up.

4. Spybot Search and Destroy
Searches for and removes spyware on your computer. Some of which load when you start Windows or go online and are a real resource hog. But ff you have programs that have ads e.g. Kazaa Desktop they won't work after this.

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