Monday, November 10, 2003

Had a pretty good weekend. Had dinner at OlioDome at Wheelock place with a friend and then went to see the french movie Novo on Saturday night. Oliodome was a pretty nice place, and we got a table by the window which was kinda cool. Definitely wanna go there again. The movie was so-so. The premise was really interesting but the execution was really poor. It got pretty confusing at some points, there were scenes that didn't make sense at all. Anyway its about a guy with short-term memory who hooks up with a gal who falls in love with him, but he can never remember her the next day. She finds its really exciting at first , because when they make love each time it seems like they are making love for the first time. But she finds out about his past history and she realises that she is unable to keep the relationship going because she doesn't believe there can be love without having a history together. Yeah pretty heavy on the romance side. But lots of full frontal nudity, unfortunately that also included the guy. And there was a scene where the guy, totally naked, hugged his son who was like no older than 13, and it really made me uncomfortable. But yeah I guess in Europe, full frontal nudity isn't a big deal, I remember watching 2 other Spanish movies that had those too.

Yesterday I went to see Kill Bill for the 2nd time, yeah in case you haven't figured it out I love that movie a lot. Really can't wait for the 2nd installment, but got no idea when it's gonna be released. Must check that out.

Bought the new Muse album and listening to it now. It reminds me so much of early Radiohead, from the Pablo Honey days, very guitar-oriented and his vocals also quite similar to Yorke sometimes. Sounds really good so far. More comments on it when I listened to it a couple more times.

Skipping lunch today. Suddenly I just lost my appetite. Oh well it's good in a way cos I think I been piling a little bit of weight. Hmm I wonder, since I work through lunch time would that entitle me to leave the workplace earlier?

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