Monday, November 17, 2003


Bon Jovi: This Left Feels Right
What could be more insipid than Bon Jovi’s greatest hits? Nothing, right? Wrong! These are acoustic re-workings of their greatest hits. The fact that such a thing exists is all the proof we need that Satan is firmly in control here on Earth. So, maybe you wanted to like Bon Jovi but "Livin’ On A Prayer" was a little too rowdy for you. This is surely the collection you need!

Tori Amos: Tales of a Librarian
Ever wanted to listen to a woman whine about being raped for an hour? Let me save you some money by letting you in on a little secret: lots of support groups are free! Actually, that was pretty cold, not all of Tori Amos’s songs are about being raped. Some of them are about having a miscarriage. Either way, this best-of collection is sure to be grabbed up by thousands of brooding teenage girls and their pussywhipped boyfriends.

Heh yes Bon Jovi bashing is one of my fav pastimes. But the Tori Amos bit was a little much though.

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