Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Been a really tiring last couple of days, was rushing to get a project done due to some external pressure. Stayed till 9:30 yesterday at the office. k maybe not as late compared to other people but it was kinda creepy cos it was so silent; there was no one around. Anyway I also really wanna get this project off my hands, been working on it for way too long and hopefully I get to move on to something else that will have some interest for me.

Heh I been going around asking people about their views on pre-marital sex; was just curious about what other people thought about it. Had some really very interesting opinions on it and some really surprising revelations as well.

Ooh I got tickets to Matrix Revolutions at GV GRAND at the IMAX theatre on Monday. It's supposed to have like a big ass screen but I haven't been there so looking forward to it. I really loved Reloaded, it left me pondering over tons of questions so I am really looking forward to finally getting the answers.

Going to watch another French movie this sat night, its called Novo and it's about a guy who has short-term memory so he keeps forgetting this gal that he fell in love with. And the gal will desperately try and make him remember for good, yeah sounds pretty romantic right eventhough its a tad Memento-ish. And its R(A) so yeah gonna see some French boobs! Woohoo!! Hmm that reminds me of one of my net friends who wore a french maid outfit in a picture recently......damm she looked hot in it.

Speaking of boobs, I kinda offended someone a few days ago by making a reference to their cleavage in a picture. Yeah that's me, always not knowing where the line is. Really sorry. Must tone down the sex jokes.

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