Sunday, October 19, 2003

Went to this local gig at Far East Plaza with one of my colleagues yesterday. There were around 7 bands in total. Well I wouldn't say it was that great; The first 3 bands were decent, the rest not really that interesting to me. I guess the problem was that all the bands basically played two type of music . One was mainstream stuff (Creed , Matchbox 20, Blink 182, Buckcherry) and the other was punk, both of which I am so not into. I have to say my fav act of the day was Gall Bladders, it was fronted by this cute as hell chick who was bubbly and had such a great personality. They played mostly pop punk stuff, and a pity that for some of the songs I couldnt hear her vocals. But there was this song called Stupid Porridge Girl that was pretty cool , loved it. Maybe someone can tell what local bands you would recommend to someone who is currently listening to prog rock (Tool, Mars Volta, early Radiohead) and classic stuff like Led Zep and Jimi Hendrix.

Speaking of music, A Perfect's Circle's new album is totally amazing. I was sure as hell that Mars Volta's album would be my album of the year, but after hearing 13th Step hmm might have to reconsider. This is not an album for those looking for something heavy, in fact most of the album is incredibly mellow. But god the arrangements are amazing , and that voice, Maynard has the best voice in the business. This the kind of album that is perfect to listen to at night while you are lying in your bed. Oh and I am gonna get Bowie's new album as well read really good reviews about it. Damm I been buying like 2 CDs a week, need to stop/control myself really soon.

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