Monday, October 13, 2003

Went to see Seabiscuit with a friend yesterday, the movie about a little horse that could, and about the jockey who ride it. SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD. It was a pretty decent movie, and quite inspiring especially the way Seabiscuit went from a abused and mistreated young foal that was never given a chance to a champion racehorse. But the movie isn't just about the horse, its about the jockey who rides it and how he overcomes a really rough beginning to his life to make something of himself. In a way, he and Seabiscuit are very alike and fate brought them together. But my only complaint is I didn't really feel a really strong bond between him and the horse. But that could be just me. Oh and the other complaint is there aren't really any hot chicks in the movie. Hey I am a guy after all.

After that had dinner at this pizza place, and a really good conversation going throughout the evening. Haven't had much of that recently, online conversations are nice but it doesn't really compare to the real thing. Yeah I know, I REALLY need to get out more.

Oh and I bought Lauryn Hill's MTV Unplugged CD, listening to it now while I work. I have been a huge fan since the Miseducation album, but when the Unplugged album came out I was still unemployed and horribly broke. And saw it at Borders yesterday and decided to get it. So far it sounds really good, but there's way too much talking by her for a music CD. She should have really taken the spoken bits out, in fact if she did it would probably fit into a single CD.

Also placed orders for The Roots' Things Fall Apart and Dredg's El Cielo while I was at Borders, should be getting them in a month's time. But the damm Roots album is 28 bucks, should have asked the price before I ordered, stupid of me. I will try and find it at HMV and Tower, if can find it for cheaper then I will probably cancel the order.

Arrgh I hate my stupid Sony Ericsson T100 phone, it hanged on me again , the damm keylock is on and I can't switch it off. It happened to me once but I manage to unlock it then, but been trying for like 15 minutes and I still can't get it to work.

Finally I would just like to say I love chicks in singlets, they always look hot as hell.

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