Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Sunpage sucks !!

3 cents a minute my ass! When I got my bill today I was pretty shocked cos the amount due was like 78 bucks. Anyway i checked the bill and I was charged 25 cents a minute instead. So I called up the hotline and apparently the number in UK that I called was in a "special area" which charged their own levy or something, and it applies for any UK number with that area code. Which of cos they conveniently forgot to tell me when I signed up. After that I asked them (with a no little sarcasm) whether they had any other special areas in other countries that I should know about, and the gal said no.

Going to my sister's place for some short prayers later and dinner. Actually was quite reluctant to go at first cos it's like so far away and Im pretty tired, but well haven't seen her in quite a while so yeah changed my mind. Yeah I know the things brothers do for their siblings. But of cos I am gonna ask her for money for the cab ride back!

BTW American Beauty is on Channel 5 this Sunday at 10, if you haven't seen it already then make sure you see it, cos its a really brilliant movie , probably one of my favs ever. Kevin Spacey is brilliant as this burnt-out family man who then suffers from a mid-life crisis and starts behaving totally irrationally. And oh yeah every one of the characters in the movie are dsyfunctional in their own little way and its often really funny, but also kinda sad at times. Anyway just watch it.

Read great reviews about A Perfect Circle's new album, Thirteen Step. gonna get it soon. For those who don't know A Perfect Circle is a side project of Tool (which is like my fav band ever) 's frontman Maynard with former Tool guitarist Howedel. It's similar to style to Tool but not as dark and they don't have songs as long(Tool songs average 6 mins or more). Can't wait to get it, cos I was pretty disappointed with Tool's last album, it was good but nowhere near their classic Aenima.

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