Monday, October 27, 2003

Spoke to a friend online about music and nothing else for like more than an hour last night, and it was so damm fun! It's been such a long time since I found someone who shared my passion for music; and who actually knew and was a fan of like almost all of the bands that I love. Never thought it would happen. Hell she even has A Perfect Circle's Thirteenth Step and Mars Volta's De-loused in the Comatorium also, how cool is that. Oh and she loves Led Zeppelin!! She also introduced a few new and pretty cool sounding bands to me as well so I am gonna get Muse's new album soon! Sigh I think I am in love liao. Ok ok Geets just kidding lah, you know you are the only one for me right? ;) Hmm hope none of the other gals I said the same thing to reads this entry. *worries*

Interesting thing happened at Sim Lim Square yesterday. I bought a 150 CD-Rs from this shop for work purposes and used NETS to pay and he gave me only the NETS receipt. That receipt didnt really specify the name and price of the products so I asked him (nicely) for a proper receipt. He showed me a really irritated face but went back and printed one anyway. But while he was doing it, he was talking to his colleague in Mandarin. I didnt really understand much of what he said but I heard the words 'Mah Fan" which of cos I knew meant 'troublesome'. The asshole probably thought I didnt know any Chinese. Anyway I already paid so I couldnt really say anything but yeah it pissed me off. Maybe I should have told him off after I got the receipts but thenl I have to admit I am pretty non-confrontational, one of my faults. But this is pretty common, although usually they speak in Hokkien when they wanna say something behind our backs, but my parents can speak Hokkien fluently so they always tell me what they said. And some of the stuff they say is really bad.

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