Friday, October 31, 2003

Recently, a colleague of mine was telling me that for universities in France, freshies have to undergo acts of extreme humiliation by their seniors, and this happens for all new students, not only those who are trying to get into fratenities or whatever they call it in France. Acts such as having to consume human excrement. And I was pretty puzzled as to why smart intelligent adults would allow themselves to be degraded in such a manner, I didn't get it. And he replied that they did so because they wanted to be considered part of the society or social circle so they are willing to do it. I didn't really have anything to say to that at that time, but I thought about it a lot after that.

Anyway this is my opinion now; everyone wants to belong to a group or society, it's in our nature. But when you have to degrade and humiliate yourself just so that you will be accepted by that group or society, then it definitely isn't worth being a part of. And this also extends to having to change your behavior to be accepted by that group. For me at least if that group cannot accept you for who you are and appreciate you for it, then there is no point modifying your behavior just so that you will be accepted by them, because that would mean betraying yourself and what you believe in. You are better off looking for a group who accepts you for who you are.
Of course I am not talking about individuals who deliberately try to harm other people in the group with their actions. But seriously, as long as their actions don't affect you why should you care or be disturbed or irritated by what they do?

Ok yeah just needed to let that out.

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