Friday, October 17, 2003

OK was pretty disappointed today by the horrible response to my email to my JC friends which i sent out on Monday about meeting for dinner tonight. Well some of them couldn't make it and they responded which was cool, but some did read the email but did not reply, instead I had to find out from another person that they couldn't make it. Which I don't really understand cos how difficult it is to click the 'Reply' button and just tell me? Anyway only 2 others replied to say they could make it. But one of them backed out today when she found out it was only 3 of us. Which kinda irritated me further cos for me it would have still been nice to meet up for dinner and talk cock, considering I haven't seen her like forever.

Anyway I called my childhood friend and ex-neighbour and we are going to go see a movie later this evening at Tampines. Really wanna get out of the house tonight, don't wanna stay at home. I don't know why but I really can't stand staying at home nowdays, it's just so incredibly boring and like got nothing to do. It wasn't that bad when my sis was still staying there, but now she's not its like really bad.

Was kinda amused when I saw the front page of the Strait Times today about the first Chinese astronaut going into space, and the launch was in China . Is that really that big a news that it deserved the front page considering the fact that space exploration hasn't really advanced in the last decade to my knowledge. And the article when on to describe in detail what his first space lunch was (rice with pork or something), and his first words in space which caused 'euphoria' in China. It was "I feel good". But of course,if those words don't cause mass euphoria then nothing will!

Just read about a commando trainee who died after his instructors pushed his head into the tub of water 5 times as part of a survival training course. In the official statement released by the Ministry of Defence, they stated that "instructors are not permitted physical contact". YA RIGHT. Say that to my instructors in army who grabbed me by the collar and shaked me around, and hit me on my head. It has probably been going on forever (the water torture) but of course unless something serious happens no one cares. That's the way the army works.

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