Saturday, October 18, 2003

OK so went to see Underworld at Tampines yesterday with a friend. Despite a lot of bad reviews from almost my friends I still decided to see it cos Audrey was raving about it. And you know what I am pretty glad that I did cos I really liked it! The cinematograhy and sets were cool as hell and the story was really engrossing! For those who don't know the movie is about this centuries-old blood feud between the vampires and lycans (short for lycantropes aka werewolves) . I suck at reviews so thats all I am gonna say, but if you like dark gothic movies then go see this ! But if you are looking to be scared then skip this, its not a horror movie. But couple complaints about the movie, the movie should have been way longer , it really seemed really rushed (which was probably why there was a not so subtle hint of a sequel at the end) , it's a fantasy movie , and in my opinion those movies should take the time to unfold the story. Another complaint was pretty boy Speedman (from Felicity) was totally forgettable. He was supposedly the guy caught in between both sides but his acting was so lame u don't really care for him. But still I would recommend it.

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