Saturday, October 25, 2003

OK at my sister's place right now, it was a rather quiet Diwali yesterday as she didnt really invite that many friends. Which is kind of a pity cos she has some pretty hot looking friends. Things only started getting interesting late at night when my cousin came over with his wife. We talked and he bought this rather nice ale that was called "India Ale" which ironically is from UK. It was pretty good actually and tasted a whole lot better than beer. And it went down much easier as well. Then we all went over to a friend's house and I had another 3 bottles of ale, something called Master Brew, so by the end of it I was feeling a tad tipsy. But yeah ale is definitely better than beer, so those who don't like beer should try it out.

Had a whole lot of food as well, in fact so much that I over-ate and felt kinda sick afterwards. Oh and I brought my camera to take some pictures but I didn't realise the batteries were flat, and the closest shop was an Indian shop so it was closed. Must remember to bring spare batteries next time with my camera. But my bro-in-law did take some pictures so I am probably gonna put them up really soon. Keep watching this space till then.

OK I am dying to go watch Kill Bill. Watching Uma kicking ass in a sexy as hell jumpsuit thingy, movies don't get better than that.

I didn't want to know
I just didn't want to know
Best to keep things in the shallow end
Cause I never quite learned how to swim

Blue by A Perfect Circle

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