Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Kill Bill!

Kill Bill totally rocks !! Most stylish movie I ever remember seeing and it really blow me away right from the opening sequence. The fight scenes were totally amazing (but extremely gory) and the movie was full of hot ass chicks, the hottest of which was this Japanese girl dressed in a school uniform. I don't normally go for that but this gal was like evil to the bone, and for some reason it was such a huge turn-on. I almost orgas when she asked this guy at a bar whether he wanted to f**k her or not. OK ya I know I need help. But seriously she can slice my gut anytime! Well then of cos there is Uma Thurman, She had a baby during the shooting of the movie, but you won't even notice it cos she looks so damm hot in the movie. Dialogue-wise it was very interesting but nowhere near Pulp Fiction, but afterall it's a homage to the Samurai and Kungfu movies of days yonder (me trying to sound cheem). But still an amazing movie, probably the best movie I seen in quite a while, and I wanna see it again !! (HINT) Preferably with a chick (HINT HINT) But R(A) hor.

calm these hands before they
snare another pill and
drive another nail down another
bleeding(needy?) hole
please release me

Gravity by A Perfect Circle

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