Friday, October 17, 2003

I think educated people sometimes tend to think they are superior, at least in some ways, to those who aren't. We have this notion that we are more civilised and/or cultured compared to them, and we live much more . I have to admit that even I have been guilty in the past of that, like when I see people living in villages or tribes, I would have a opinion that they are very backward compared to us, and of lower intelligence, Just because they can't communicate in English or don't have knowledge of things that we know.

So why am I bringing it up? Cos I found piss in one of the toilet seats in the company lavatory just now. I find it amazing how people who are supposedly 'educated' or 'civilised' can't even learn how to piss properly. And even if they don't, is it too much work for them to use the damm toilet paper and clean it up. I doubt they would do the same thing at home so why the difference when it comes to a public toilets? People are so impossible to figure out sometimes.

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