Monday, October 20, 2003

American Beauty (Spoilers ahead)

I love this movie. And I really mean love. It works on so many different levels. In the movie there's this guy who walks around with a camera and films everything he sees . At the start he just seems so creepy to everyone and probably to the viewer as well. But as the movie unfolds, you find out the real reason behind it. He reveals to us that he sees beauty everywhere, even in something as simple as a plastic bag floating in the wind. And thats the reason why he goes ard with the camera, so he can capture every moment of it. I love the scene where he reveals it to his gf, he is so overwhelmed with emotion as he said he. But yeah I believe it to be true, that there is beauty all around us. But most of us just never take the time to look for it. But you know what I am going to try find something of beauty tommorow.

The other favourite part of the movie i really love was the end. Lester the main character finally finds out how to make himself happy at the end of the movie, but unfortunately it's taken away from him soon after. It's sad but at least he was happy for a time. Seriously I wonder how many people live their whole lives without finding happiness. I know I am still looking for it.

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