Friday, October 31, 2003

Came up with a new definition of noise today.
NOISE : Sounds which you are not involved in creating which fucking irritates the hell outta ya.
YES in a damm bad mood now. ROAR. Ok the ROAR seems scarier if you hear it in person.
It's easy for me to say I am not bothered by it, which is why I keep saying it to myself. But saying and doing is a totally different matter. Sometimes I feel something very close to hatred, thats how much it affects me. Yet I don't show it, not because I don't want to , but because I can't. But I am desperately waiting for that day, the day when I can show it. I know there is no point in feeling this way, life is too short to bear grudges yada yada, but yeah where feelings are concerned, rationale goes out the window. I thought that things were going to get better at one point not too long ago, but it turned out to be a false dawn. But when you are in the pits there isn't any way but up right?

Your halo slipping down choke you now.
Recently, a colleague of mine was telling me that for universities in France, freshies have to undergo acts of extreme humiliation by their seniors, and this happens for all new students, not only those who are trying to get into fratenities or whatever they call it in France. Acts such as having to consume human excrement. And I was pretty puzzled as to why smart intelligent adults would allow themselves to be degraded in such a manner, I didn't get it. And he replied that they did so because they wanted to be considered part of the society or social circle so they are willing to do it. I didn't really have anything to say to that at that time, but I thought about it a lot after that.

Anyway this is my opinion now; everyone wants to belong to a group or society, it's in our nature. But when you have to degrade and humiliate yourself just so that you will be accepted by that group or society, then it definitely isn't worth being a part of. And this also extends to having to change your behavior to be accepted by that group. For me at least if that group cannot accept you for who you are and appreciate you for it, then there is no point modifying your behavior just so that you will be accepted by them, because that would mean betraying yourself and what you believe in. You are better off looking for a group who accepts you for who you are.
Of course I am not talking about individuals who deliberately try to harm other people in the group with their actions. But seriously, as long as their actions don't affect you why should you care or be disturbed or irritated by what they do?

Ok yeah just needed to let that out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Kill Bill!

Kill Bill totally rocks !! Most stylish movie I ever remember seeing and it really blow me away right from the opening sequence. The fight scenes were totally amazing (but extremely gory) and the movie was full of hot ass chicks, the hottest of which was this Japanese girl dressed in a school uniform. I don't normally go for that but this gal was like evil to the bone, and for some reason it was such a huge turn-on. I almost orgas when she asked this guy at a bar whether he wanted to f**k her or not. OK ya I know I need help. But seriously she can slice my gut anytime! Well then of cos there is Uma Thurman, She had a baby during the shooting of the movie, but you won't even notice it cos she looks so damm hot in the movie. Dialogue-wise it was very interesting but nowhere near Pulp Fiction, but afterall it's a homage to the Samurai and Kungfu movies of days yonder (me trying to sound cheem). But still an amazing movie, probably the best movie I seen in quite a while, and I wanna see it again !! (HINT) Preferably with a chick (HINT HINT) But R(A) hor.

calm these hands before they
snare another pill and
drive another nail down another
bleeding(needy?) hole
please release me

Gravity by A Perfect Circle

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

There was a time when we would wish each other good morning or at least acknowledge each other's presence when we came in. However, nowdays that doesn't even happen. People just stare blankly at their screens without looking away, even when someone sits besides them. I guess things change over time.

On a happier note, I am going to watch Kill Bill later with a friend at Bugis, on a big ass screen somemore (well it better be big ass cos it has seats up to row X!). Really looking forward to it cos I am like the biggest fan of Pulp Fiction, one of my all time fav movies.
But I am wearing a new shirt that seems kinda tight around my massive biceps ...ok ok flabby upper arms happy! Hmm it didn't seem so tight when I bought it.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Occasionally I wake up in a totally corny mood. So decided to send this email to my colleagues this morning.

Hello ,
I have bought 50 CD-Rs for our usage.
If u need to use, send an email to me ,following closely the format of the template email attached.
Otherwise I dun give u !
Gilbert Thomas

<--Start of template email -->
Dear Lord Gilbert,
I, your humble servant *Your Name*, request the use of *enter Quantity* CD-Rs.
I need it for *enter reason here*
Please show your kindness and generosity and grant my request.
Your humble and lowly servant,
*your name here*
p.s You look especially handsome today.
<--End of template email -->

OK come on , it is a LITTLE funny isn't it.?

Spoke to a friend online about music and nothing else for like more than an hour last night, and it was so damm fun! It's been such a long time since I found someone who shared my passion for music; and who actually knew and was a fan of like almost all of the bands that I love. Never thought it would happen. Hell she even has A Perfect Circle's Thirteenth Step and Mars Volta's De-loused in the Comatorium also, how cool is that. Oh and she loves Led Zeppelin!! She also introduced a few new and pretty cool sounding bands to me as well so I am gonna get Muse's new album soon! Sigh I think I am in love liao. Ok ok Geets just kidding lah, you know you are the only one for me right? ;) Hmm hope none of the other gals I said the same thing to reads this entry. *worries*

Interesting thing happened at Sim Lim Square yesterday. I bought a 150 CD-Rs from this shop for work purposes and used NETS to pay and he gave me only the NETS receipt. That receipt didnt really specify the name and price of the products so I asked him (nicely) for a proper receipt. He showed me a really irritated face but went back and printed one anyway. But while he was doing it, he was talking to his colleague in Mandarin. I didnt really understand much of what he said but I heard the words 'Mah Fan" which of cos I knew meant 'troublesome'. The asshole probably thought I didnt know any Chinese. Anyway I already paid so I couldnt really say anything but yeah it pissed me off. Maybe I should have told him off after I got the receipts but thenl I have to admit I am pretty non-confrontational, one of my faults. But this is pretty common, although usually they speak in Hokkien when they wanna say something behind our backs, but my parents can speak Hokkien fluently so they always tell me what they said. And some of the stuff they say is really bad.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

OK at my sister's place right now, it was a rather quiet Diwali yesterday as she didnt really invite that many friends. Which is kind of a pity cos she has some pretty hot looking friends. Things only started getting interesting late at night when my cousin came over with his wife. We talked and he bought this rather nice ale that was called "India Ale" which ironically is from UK. It was pretty good actually and tasted a whole lot better than beer. And it went down much easier as well. Then we all went over to a friend's house and I had another 3 bottles of ale, something called Master Brew, so by the end of it I was feeling a tad tipsy. But yeah ale is definitely better than beer, so those who don't like beer should try it out.

Had a whole lot of food as well, in fact so much that I over-ate and felt kinda sick afterwards. Oh and I brought my camera to take some pictures but I didn't realise the batteries were flat, and the closest shop was an Indian shop so it was closed. Must remember to bring spare batteries next time with my camera. But my bro-in-law did take some pictures so I am probably gonna put them up really soon. Keep watching this space till then.

OK I am dying to go watch Kill Bill. Watching Uma kicking ass in a sexy as hell jumpsuit thingy, movies don't get better than that.

I didn't want to know
I just didn't want to know
Best to keep things in the shallow end
Cause I never quite learned how to swim

Blue by A Perfect Circle

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Went to meet my friend at Siglap last night to pass her back the LOTR book I borrowed from her. Heh I read like 3 chapters only, I found it so damm boring. But it was really nice to meet up with her and catch up. Hopefully we don't take too long to meet up again. Came and called my friend in Nottingham, talked for like an hour, kinda missed talking to her. Oh and I got her to listen to one of The Perfect Circle's songs and she really liked it! How cool is that, finally someone likes one of the bands that I dig, that doesnt happen too often. But kinda sad, I asked her if she missed me but she said no. Guess I shot myself in the foot with that question. Sniff...Well I miss her. (This is your cue to go "Awwwwwwwwwww") But yeah she's probably the first indian gal who I actually could talk to and have a decent conversation with.

Clever got me this far
Then tricky got me in
I am what I'm after
I don't need another friend
Smile and drop the cliche
'Till you think I'm listening
I take just what I came for
Then I'm out the door again

The Package by A Perfect Circle

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I forgot to mention one more thing that I loved about American Beauty. The families in the movies try to keep this illusion of being a really happy family to outsiders, when in reality they are anything but. And I think it's really true in real life as well, Most people usually seem to have this really happy family life, at least to their friends and frelatives. But I wonder how many of them are actually just faking it. My guess is that it's the majority. My family ? Nah I think I wun answer that.

Monday, October 20, 2003

On the way back on the MRT , I saw this teenage couple who were standing pretty close to me. And the guy was like hugging her and showering her whole face with kisses the entire time, in a really playful way. And it just made me smile.
So I haven't found anything that striked me as beautiful so far today. Talk about sad. Well it's not exactly true, there's this beautiful and really amazing thing that I see almost everyday but it doesn't really count. Was also trying to find beauty in my work to make it less tedious but that didn't happen either; I guess beauty isn't EVERYWHERE. ;)

Was listening to A Perfect Circle's Thirteenth Step the whole day while doing my work. I am so in love with the album. It's incredibly mellow (read: very soft) but hell the music is just so beautiful. Go check it out.

Not having a great day today. Can't wait to go back.
1000 Apologies to the gallbladders. The song is "porridge eating girls" ! wonder if its available for download.

American Beauty (Spoilers ahead)

I love this movie. And I really mean love. It works on so many different levels. In the movie there's this guy who walks around with a camera and films everything he sees . At the start he just seems so creepy to everyone and probably to the viewer as well. But as the movie unfolds, you find out the real reason behind it. He reveals to us that he sees beauty everywhere, even in something as simple as a plastic bag floating in the wind. And thats the reason why he goes ard with the camera, so he can capture every moment of it. I love the scene where he reveals it to his gf, he is so overwhelmed with emotion as he said he. But yeah I believe it to be true, that there is beauty all around us. But most of us just never take the time to look for it. But you know what I am going to try find something of beauty tommorow.

The other favourite part of the movie i really love was the end. Lester the main character finally finds out how to make himself happy at the end of the movie, but unfortunately it's taken away from him soon after. It's sad but at least he was happy for a time. Seriously I wonder how many people live their whole lives without finding happiness. I know I am still looking for it.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

True friends are those who are around in your time of great need. Well I am sure everyone has heard that and know it to be true, but I guess once in a while I need reminding of it.

BTW American Beauty on tonight at 10 pm. Don't forget to watch this movie, its like totally amazing.
Went to this local gig at Far East Plaza with one of my colleagues yesterday. There were around 7 bands in total. Well I wouldn't say it was that great; The first 3 bands were decent, the rest not really that interesting to me. I guess the problem was that all the bands basically played two type of music . One was mainstream stuff (Creed , Matchbox 20, Blink 182, Buckcherry) and the other was punk, both of which I am so not into. I have to say my fav act of the day was Gall Bladders, it was fronted by this cute as hell chick who was bubbly and had such a great personality. They played mostly pop punk stuff, and a pity that for some of the songs I couldnt hear her vocals. But there was this song called Stupid Porridge Girl that was pretty cool , loved it. Maybe someone can tell what local bands you would recommend to someone who is currently listening to prog rock (Tool, Mars Volta, early Radiohead) and classic stuff like Led Zep and Jimi Hendrix.

Speaking of music, A Perfect's Circle's new album is totally amazing. I was sure as hell that Mars Volta's album would be my album of the year, but after hearing 13th Step hmm might have to reconsider. This is not an album for those looking for something heavy, in fact most of the album is incredibly mellow. But god the arrangements are amazing , and that voice, Maynard has the best voice in the business. This the kind of album that is perfect to listen to at night while you are lying in your bed. Oh and I am gonna get Bowie's new album as well read really good reviews about it. Damm I been buying like 2 CDs a week, need to stop/control myself really soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

OK so went to see Underworld at Tampines yesterday with a friend. Despite a lot of bad reviews from almost my friends I still decided to see it cos Audrey was raving about it. And you know what I am pretty glad that I did cos I really liked it! The cinematograhy and sets were cool as hell and the story was really engrossing! For those who don't know the movie is about this centuries-old blood feud between the vampires and lycans (short for lycantropes aka werewolves) . I suck at reviews so thats all I am gonna say, but if you like dark gothic movies then go see this ! But if you are looking to be scared then skip this, its not a horror movie. But couple complaints about the movie, the movie should have been way longer , it really seemed really rushed (which was probably why there was a not so subtle hint of a sequel at the end) , it's a fantasy movie , and in my opinion those movies should take the time to unfold the story. Another complaint was pretty boy Speedman (from Felicity) was totally forgettable. He was supposedly the guy caught in between both sides but his acting was so lame u don't really care for him. But still I would recommend it.

Friday, October 17, 2003

I think educated people sometimes tend to think they are superior, at least in some ways, to those who aren't. We have this notion that we are more civilised and/or cultured compared to them, and we live much more . I have to admit that even I have been guilty in the past of that, like when I see people living in villages or tribes, I would have a opinion that they are very backward compared to us, and of lower intelligence, Just because they can't communicate in English or don't have knowledge of things that we know.

So why am I bringing it up? Cos I found piss in one of the toilet seats in the company lavatory just now. I find it amazing how people who are supposedly 'educated' or 'civilised' can't even learn how to piss properly. And even if they don't, is it too much work for them to use the damm toilet paper and clean it up. I doubt they would do the same thing at home so why the difference when it comes to a public toilets? People are so impossible to figure out sometimes.
OK was pretty disappointed today by the horrible response to my email to my JC friends which i sent out on Monday about meeting for dinner tonight. Well some of them couldn't make it and they responded which was cool, but some did read the email but did not reply, instead I had to find out from another person that they couldn't make it. Which I don't really understand cos how difficult it is to click the 'Reply' button and just tell me? Anyway only 2 others replied to say they could make it. But one of them backed out today when she found out it was only 3 of us. Which kinda irritated me further cos for me it would have still been nice to meet up for dinner and talk cock, considering I haven't seen her like forever.

Anyway I called my childhood friend and ex-neighbour and we are going to go see a movie later this evening at Tampines. Really wanna get out of the house tonight, don't wanna stay at home. I don't know why but I really can't stand staying at home nowdays, it's just so incredibly boring and like got nothing to do. It wasn't that bad when my sis was still staying there, but now she's not its like really bad.

Was kinda amused when I saw the front page of the Strait Times today about the first Chinese astronaut going into space, and the launch was in China . Is that really that big a news that it deserved the front page considering the fact that space exploration hasn't really advanced in the last decade to my knowledge. And the article when on to describe in detail what his first space lunch was (rice with pork or something), and his first words in space which caused 'euphoria' in China. It was "I feel good". But of course,if those words don't cause mass euphoria then nothing will!

Just read about a commando trainee who died after his instructors pushed his head into the tub of water 5 times as part of a survival training course. In the official statement released by the Ministry of Defence, they stated that "instructors are not permitted physical contact". YA RIGHT. Say that to my instructors in army who grabbed me by the collar and shaked me around, and hit me on my head. It has probably been going on forever (the water torture) but of course unless something serious happens no one cares. That's the way the army works.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

It's between your legs!

Something funny happened at the work pantry yesterday. A colleague dropped a coin on the floor and it landed between her feet. And I was sitting like 3 meters away and I shouted "It's between your legs!" . She gave me a really weird look when I said that, probably cos there were other people around at that time as well. Women, can never understand them.

Sunpage sucks !!

3 cents a minute my ass! When I got my bill today I was pretty shocked cos the amount due was like 78 bucks. Anyway i checked the bill and I was charged 25 cents a minute instead. So I called up the hotline and apparently the number in UK that I called was in a "special area" which charged their own levy or something, and it applies for any UK number with that area code. Which of cos they conveniently forgot to tell me when I signed up. After that I asked them (with a no little sarcasm) whether they had any other special areas in other countries that I should know about, and the gal said no.

Going to my sister's place for some short prayers later and dinner. Actually was quite reluctant to go at first cos it's like so far away and Im pretty tired, but well haven't seen her in quite a while so yeah changed my mind. Yeah I know the things brothers do for their siblings. But of cos I am gonna ask her for money for the cab ride back!

BTW American Beauty is on Channel 5 this Sunday at 10, if you haven't seen it already then make sure you see it, cos its a really brilliant movie , probably one of my favs ever. Kevin Spacey is brilliant as this burnt-out family man who then suffers from a mid-life crisis and starts behaving totally irrationally. And oh yeah every one of the characters in the movie are dsyfunctional in their own little way and its often really funny, but also kinda sad at times. Anyway just watch it.

Read great reviews about A Perfect Circle's new album, Thirteen Step. gonna get it soon. For those who don't know A Perfect Circle is a side project of Tool (which is like my fav band ever) 's frontman Maynard with former Tool guitarist Howedel. It's similar to style to Tool but not as dark and they don't have songs as long(Tool songs average 6 mins or more). Can't wait to get it, cos I was pretty disappointed with Tool's last album, it was good but nowhere near their classic Aenima.

Monday, October 13, 2003


I got on Friendster a couple of months back, but never got around to using it that much. Heh well until now. It's basically a way for you to stay connected to your friends online. And you are also connected to their friends , as in you can view their profiles and try to get to know them if you want. Anyway you should check it out , and if you wanna add me then just search for me using my singnet email addy, if you don't know it then you don't deserve to be my friend ! Hmpph!
Ok you know what I sounded really bitchy there, it's a little scary. Ignore that.
Went to see Seabiscuit with a friend yesterday, the movie about a little horse that could, and about the jockey who ride it. SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD. It was a pretty decent movie, and quite inspiring especially the way Seabiscuit went from a abused and mistreated young foal that was never given a chance to a champion racehorse. But the movie isn't just about the horse, its about the jockey who rides it and how he overcomes a really rough beginning to his life to make something of himself. In a way, he and Seabiscuit are very alike and fate brought them together. But my only complaint is I didn't really feel a really strong bond between him and the horse. But that could be just me. Oh and the other complaint is there aren't really any hot chicks in the movie. Hey I am a guy after all.

After that had dinner at this pizza place, and a really good conversation going throughout the evening. Haven't had much of that recently, online conversations are nice but it doesn't really compare to the real thing. Yeah I know, I REALLY need to get out more.

Oh and I bought Lauryn Hill's MTV Unplugged CD, listening to it now while I work. I have been a huge fan since the Miseducation album, but when the Unplugged album came out I was still unemployed and horribly broke. And saw it at Borders yesterday and decided to get it. So far it sounds really good, but there's way too much talking by her for a music CD. She should have really taken the spoken bits out, in fact if she did it would probably fit into a single CD.

Also placed orders for The Roots' Things Fall Apart and Dredg's El Cielo while I was at Borders, should be getting them in a month's time. But the damm Roots album is 28 bucks, should have asked the price before I ordered, stupid of me. I will try and find it at HMV and Tower, if can find it for cheaper then I will probably cancel the order.

Arrgh I hate my stupid Sony Ericsson T100 phone, it hanged on me again , the damm keylock is on and I can't switch it off. It happened to me once but I manage to unlock it then, but been trying for like 15 minutes and I still can't get it to work.

Finally I would just like to say I love chicks in singlets, they always look hot as hell.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Nothing to blog about recently. Oh I saw this gal with incredibly long hair on the train a couple of days also , it reached up to her ankles! Damm was so tempted to touch it, I really got a fetish for chicks with long hair. Such a turn on.

Yesterday we went to this eating place called the Reading Room with a couple of gals from a different department. Striked up a pretty interesting conversation with this gal, she seemed really nice. One of the other gals spilled some sauce on her jeans as well, sigh wasted I wasn't beside her or I would have helped her wiped her off, being the nice gentleman that I am. But it was really fun meeting new pple from the organisation.

Going to see the movie 'Seabiscuit' tommorow. I would have rather preferred to watch Underworld which seems to be a pretty cool fantasy movie in the vein of the Matrix, but well the horse movie (it's about a horse) should be pretty good as well , read a lot of positive reviews on it. But don't think there are any chicks in it.

My mom woke me up at 6 am, before she left for work, to remind me to go buy lunch for myself when it was time for lunch. And I shouted at her to stop waking me up everytime she feels the need to tell me something totally useless. Sigh can anyone say OVER-PROTECTIVE. And this is not the first time she did it, when I was sick last week and was in bed like the whole day she came in like every hour and waked me up to ask me if I was alright. Sigh I wonder when will be the day she will finally realise that I am already 25 years old.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

OK my friend send me two makeover pictures of yours truly, you can check them out if you want.
WARNING: The pictures are graphic and may not be suitable for those with a squeamish stomachs.

Makeover 1
Makeover 2

I personally prefer picture 2, think I look cuter in that.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Interesting site here, it's a makeover site that allows you to upload your own picture and change it however you want, hairstyle , lipstick whatever you want. She's doing one with my picture. Will put it up here when it's done. Always wanted to know how I look with lipstick also.

Went to a chinese restaurant for dinner with the big bosses, it was mainly seafood which isn't one of my favourite types of food but hey the food was free so can't really complain. But dragged on until 9+ so now kinda tired. But one of the gals there was rather attractive!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

BTW gonna remove the zonkboard soon because it is not going to be freeware anymore. Don't think I am gonna replace it though, not like its used that much.
Sigh really got nothing noteworthy in my life to blog about recently. Life seems to be a complete bore. But I am looking forward to my Penang trip on the 13th of this month. But it's gonna be a pretty short trip only 2 days, but I enjoyed my time the previous time so looking forward to it again.

Just got the SDU (Social Development Unit) newsletter and I'm half-tempted to try out some of the activities. There's this tennis for beginners lesson and its like 80 bucks for 10 lessons which is pretty reasonable. But I don't even remember where I put my SDU card.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

My fever went up again last night, so I had to go see the doctor for the 2nd time. She gave me another huge assortment of pills and 2 days MC. Now i got 5 different type of pills to take 3 times a day, and add to that a cough mixture. This is the first time I been down with flu for more than 2 days, I always been able to recover by the 2nd day. A little worrying; could this be a sign that my body is starting to show it's age ?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Had a really weird dream last night. I dreamt that i got an email from my family doctor saying that one of the pills that she gave me was the wrong one, so I had to return it immediately. And it seemed so real that I actually checked my email to see if it was true, ignoring the fact that there was no way in hell she could have had my email address, or if it was true she would have called me on Monday itself. People can be so irrational sometimes.

My temperature went back up to 37.9 . ARRRGGGH