Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Phew finally got the Installation working today! Thank god I couldn't get any sleep last night because of it. Yeah my flight to Penang is confirmed; I am leaving around 7 pm this coming Sunday and will be back on Thursday night . But me and my colleague will be staying in separate rooms at the hotel which I think is kind of a pity cos I think we should save our company's money and share a room instead; I definitely wouldn't mind, after all we are both mature adults right. Alright so there's the small matter that my colleague is a chick, but I am sure she can control herself around the stallion (with a little bit of effort) . Yeah that's me, always putting the company in front of my own comfort.

On the way back on the train I saw this ad that showed a scorpion with the word 'Fearless' and a slogan which said 'I am who I want to be' or something like that. And guess what it was for; a damm Siemens M55 phone. So what , someone with a M55 is deemed to be fearless and original ? Do people actually fall for this kind of advertising?

Oh and the good people at Blogger responded to my complaint about not being to post using Mozilla. All I needed to do was clear my cache.

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