Sunday, September 14, 2003

Ok this is so weird, I am losing all my stuff the past few days! I lost my Nokia 8250 in Penang, i lost my departure card at Penang airport , which means i had to rewrite all my information on a new card on the spot, while my bosses waited for me. And now I can't find my namecard holder with all the namecards of the people who were interested in the project we demo-ed in Penang. And now I am freaking out cos I have to send to one of my bosses the contacts so that he can contact them.

While I am freaking out , let me just say I have learned quite a lot from my trips recently. I was basically hired as a technical person, but after the trips I gotta see the sales part of the business as well. Of course I am still struggling right now; I have never been much of a people person, even less so when it comes to strangers and having to talk to clients and sell our services and products to them. But the big bosses have given a lot of advice on that part of the business, hopefully I can pick it up as fast as possible. I got another presentation next week to a client from a local university, so it's all happening hard and fast right now, and it's all just a tad scary. Ok now back to looking for the namecards.

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