Monday, September 01, 2003

OK bloody hell I don't know what google did but the page where i add entries to my blog looks really weird in mozilla; kinda disappointing that they never tested it on other browsers before they made the changes permanent.

Other than that I had a pretty great day ! Ok well a stressful day cos I am really rushing my work stuff; I need to test out an installation by tommorow morning so that I can tell a guy in Penang how to do the same thing. But the great news is boss junior just told me I am going to Penang ! Woohoo when I heard that I was happy as hell cos it's another chance to fly ! Yes I really love flying dun ask me why; it's probably just the idea of being in the air and getting to see the whole country below you. Not to mention the really cute air stewardesses ! Well it's not 100 percent confirmed cos he just told me, it's not really in writing or anything but keeping my fingers crossed. But in the meantime I am kinda feeling the stress now cos need to prepare something for the conference at Penang.

An another really cool thing happened, I met a blog/net friend at City Hall today. I was pretty sure it was here cos she has loads of pictures at her site so I was like staring at her. She noticed me doing that and gave me a look, you know the "what you staring at, you handsome Indian perv?" kinda look. Anyway I called her name and then intro-ed myself and she finally realised who I was. But her boyfriend looked at the stallion with some rather obvious jealousy so I just left quickly; ok ok I am kidding he was quite a friendly guy. Hope he doesn't read this, he's pretty buffed , could probably cause some serious damage to me if he wanted.

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