Saturday, September 06, 2003

Kinda worried out, the guy who is supposed to prepare the machines at Penang for our exhibition couldn't do it in time , so I have to prep them myself on SUnday night once I reach Penang. That is assuming all goes well, if there is some problem with the machines that I can't solve then I am screwed.

Got a haircut 2 days ago, the barber cut it shorter than I would have liked and now I look like a bloody army recruit. But then again it feels really nice when the wind blows against my almost bare scalp, so I am not too upset about it.
Downloaded the video of Madonna's performance at the VMAs just to see the kiss between her and Britney and Christina , and it was no big deal , like one second only. Kinda disappointing really. Yeah don't why it is, but the sight of chicks making out is a turn-on for most guys.
Ok now I am going to prepare my presentation slides for Penang , will be doing a presentation at a local university in Penang. Nervous as hell. Doing it while I am listening to the new Mars Volta CD that I got yesterday from Borders on full blast, ordered it like a month ago but haven't had the time to collect it. You people should really check it out, itts damm bloody amazing.

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