Thursday, September 25, 2003

I went to the library after work yesterday to get a book on scripting, couldn't find any so borrowed a book titled " An Introduction to Modern Philosophy" instead. Well just wanna try and expand my horizons if possible, but the truth is I still haven't touched it. Ok I am gonna try read a chapter a day, I will blog about what I read (and hopefully learned) tommorow night. Was supposed to go out with someone but she cancelled on me. Been happening to me way way too much recently. But she's sick so it's just my luck.

Got a presentation in NIE tommorow morning, its gonna be my first ever presentation to potential customers so i am a little nervous. Hope it goes well! OK off to bed , really need some sleep now.

Oh by the way some good news, my bank account has gone from a measly 30 bucks when i started work to a pretty healthy amount now. But the bad news is that i saved up so much because I haven't really gone out in quite a while.

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