Sunday, September 21, 2003

Called my friend in UK just now. She's finally settling in her new room at the dorm, after having trouble with her accomodation initially. Gonna call her again next week. But it still seems so strange not talking to her every night like we used to. Ok almost every night. Really miss talking to her.

BTW if you wanna make a call overseas sign up with Sunpage , it's only 3 cents a minute for overseas calls to a fixed line number (calls to a mobile phone is much more expensive) . And it's free subscription and registration so you have no extra costs.

I spend the whole afternoon rushing to finish this task that's due on Tuesday. Man I really really hate to do work on a weekend, sometimes I wish I had a job where once you finish your workday you can go back home and not worry about it anymore. A job like an air stewardess for example.

Ok the Man Utd vs Arse match coming up in 10 minutes. I'm outta here.

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