Thursday, September 11, 2003

Back Home !

Yes I am back from trip to Penang and man did I have one hell of a time ! OK first day was really really sucky cos me and my colleague spend the whole damn night preparing the machines for demo-ing at the conference, and the following morning we missed our breakfast cos we were setting up the machines at the booth.

But from the 2nd day onwards it was really fun , we went swimming at the pool (and I had a pretty good workout) and had a pretty good seafood barbecue. Then on the 3rd day I went parachuting, not sure what's the term for it but basically I was up in the air in a parachute dragged by a speedboat , well it was damn short (only 5 minutes) and cost me 50 ringgit , but what the hell right its a one time thing so we went for it. And it was worth it cos I tell you the feeling of being up there in the air is really amazing.

Oh we also had the really famous Penang laksa, man let me tell u it's the best laksa I ever tasted, and it tastes nothing like the Singapore version. If you ever go to Penang u gotta try it , it's along Penang Road. I would have had 2 if I wasn't on a diet.

Oh a funny incident : we were having drinks with our bosses and I asked for a vodka lime, but the waitress didn't quite understand me, instead got me a vodka neat with a slice of lime ! Trust it that's not something you wanna taste at all.

Oh finally something not so good, I lost my handphone in Penang, I brought it there just so I can keep track of the time (I don't have auto-roaming enabled) but it must have slipped out or something. Kinda sucks cos I got all my contacts in there . But I did write down some of my contacts in my address book couple months ago so it's not that bad.

Finally why are there people wishing me 'happy birthday' using ICQ when still got 2 days more ? (Subtle way of revealing my birthday)

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