Tuesday, September 30, 2003

37.0 ! Thank god my fever finally broke. Still aching all over but the worst part is over. Which also means that you don't need to read any more entries of me whining away.
38.2 degrees Celcius. Good news is there is no more grogginess when I walk around, bad news is I am still aching all over and cold as hell. Couldn't go to work today either. It really sucks having to spend the whole damm day in bed under a blanket., feel so helpless.

Monday, September 29, 2003

38.7 degrees Celcius. That was my temperature this morning. I was pretty groggy this morning and had the worst headache, and to top it off I puked, although it was just water cos I didnt have any breakfast. The doctor gave me 3 different type of pills, 2 for my fever and one for my running nose and thankfully it seems to be working now. But I am still feeling really cold. Hopefully I can go back to work tommorow, I have 2 days MC but with the amount of work that needs to be done I can't really afford another day in bed. Ok back to the bed.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

I am coming down with a bout of flu. My throat's all dry, my body is feeling really hot and feverish and aching like hell, and I used up 2 whole boxes of tissue today. Not a good time cos I got a damm deadline to meet on tuesday. Hope it gets better by tommorow.
Went to play pool with a friend, got totally trashed , but he did give me some tips and I think I did improve slightly. But I still can't break properly its pretty embarassing, and sometimes I tend to miss the ball completely. Need to practice more. Oh and I gave him a burned copy of Mars Volta album. He's the 2nd guy that I gave it too. It's a little crazy but I really want everyone I know to listen to the album, its just so damm amazing. Hopefully if they like it they will buy the original album and support them. Yeah I am a dreamer.

Oh and bought a couple of stuff. First was a book from MPH ,"Bioinformatics for Dummies" (it's for work) and the other is Audioslave's self-titled album which I am listening to now.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Just had a large stuffed crust pizza for dinner, of cos I didnt eat it alone, I shared it with my mom. But I probably ate 3/4 of it. But the good thing is that it was a vegetarian pizza. Was Inspired by a friend who recently turned vegetarian herself. Ok I am off to read the first chapter of my intro to philosophy book, although i am sleepy as hell now.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

I went to the library after work yesterday to get a book on scripting, couldn't find any so borrowed a book titled " An Introduction to Modern Philosophy" instead. Well just wanna try and expand my horizons if possible, but the truth is I still haven't touched it. Ok I am gonna try read a chapter a day, I will blog about what I read (and hopefully learned) tommorow night. Was supposed to go out with someone but she cancelled on me. Been happening to me way way too much recently. But she's sick so it's just my luck.

Got a presentation in NIE tommorow morning, its gonna be my first ever presentation to potential customers so i am a little nervous. Hope it goes well! OK off to bed , really need some sleep now.

Oh by the way some good news, my bank account has gone from a measly 30 bucks when i started work to a pretty healthy amount now. But the bad news is that i saved up so much because I haven't really gone out in quite a while.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Due to and overwhelming sense of boredom, I decided to turn on MTV to see if there was anything worth listening to. The first song i heard was this song by Lena ( i think she sang the god-awful ah beng anthem Barbie Girl) , and the song went something like "It's your duty...to shake your booty." Yup this is the crap they are playing nowdays, and that also reminds me of the other totally dumbass song by Nelly where he advises his poor female friends that "it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes". Probably so that they don't get dehydrated. Nice fellow.

Then a couple of videos later is Limp Biskit's new video. Yeah unfortunately one of the worst bands I ever heard are back with their new album. I seriously don't know how people can actually listen to something this awful, all their songs sound almost exactly the same, and Durst basically just keeps complaining about how everyone is against him yada yada. When you are a freaking millionaire who gets to hang out at the Playboy mansion, you don't get to complain.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Ok this was one of the most boring days in recent history. I spent the whole day from 8 am at NUS for a whole series of lectures, there were around 11 altogether and it stretched from 8 am all the way to 6, with only 2 breaks for lunch and tea-break. And out of the 11 lectures I only found 2 that were actually interesting, the rest were so boring and dry I had trouble keeping my eyes open. Really feels like I wasted the whole day there, should have gone to work instead.

BTW I have been listening to Mars Volta's new album like non-stop since I got it, definitely a shoo-in for my album for the year. OK I know I have plugged this album a few times already, but seriously go listen to it at least once. You will either hate it or love it. (Hopefully it's the latter) But either way, I can gurantee you have never heard anything like it, and you will probably never will.

"THE MARS VOLTA have painted an other-worldly musical canvas so vivid, one listen and you won't remember which way is up. It simply doesn't get any better than this." Review

"... it's hard not to feel that "De-Loused In The Comatorium" is the auditory equivalent to awakening from a musical coma that has knocked us out for the past half a decade." Review
My Current Wallpaper. For those who don't know that's my dog.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Called my friend in UK just now. She's finally settling in her new room at the dorm, after having trouble with her accomodation initially. Gonna call her again next week. But it still seems so strange not talking to her every night like we used to. Ok almost every night. Really miss talking to her.

BTW if you wanna make a call overseas sign up with Sunpage , it's only 3 cents a minute for overseas calls to a fixed line number (calls to a mobile phone is much more expensive) . And it's free subscription and registration so you have no extra costs.

I spend the whole afternoon rushing to finish this task that's due on Tuesday. Man I really really hate to do work on a weekend, sometimes I wish I had a job where once you finish your workday you can go back home and not worry about it anymore. A job like an air stewardess for example.

Ok the Man Utd vs Arse match coming up in 10 minutes. I'm outta here.
Went to my cousin's place this evening, it was his birthday today so he had a small party at his place. It was pretty cool, he actually mixed a drink for me , i forgot what it was called, sounds like pepsi-cola ...he's a bartender you see. Anyway it was really nice catching up with him cos I haven't seen him for like 6 months. Oh and he lent me a whole stack of CDs, VCDs and porn CDs to bring back, I didn't really want the porn CDs being the decent innocent guy that I am, but it's not really nice to refuse a guy on his birthday so I reluctantly accepted. Ok going to watch them right now. Oh and he was also nice enough to lend me his guitar book, hopefully I can finally learn to play one.

Oh and before I forget, happy birthday michelle !

Friday, September 19, 2003

One of my close friends is currently working as a clown's assistant. He wears a giant chipmunk suit and plays with kids. But this is the really interesting part. He waves at chicks and they wave back. And when they wanna take a photo with him, they tend to hug him pretty tightly, which obviously he doesn't mind at all. But I just find it amazing how gals would hug a complete male stranger just because he is in a cute looking costume, it's like they don't even realise that there's a guy behind the chipmunk!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The Invisible Man

I found out something really amazing recently; I have somehow found a way to make myself invisible to some people. I could be sitting in the same room as them but they wouldn't even realise that I am there. And sometimes it can even turn invisible people who are in close proximity to me, those people don't notice them as well. This is a really cool power to have, if not for one big problem.

I don't know how to turn it off.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Ok this is so weird, I am losing all my stuff the past few days! I lost my Nokia 8250 in Penang, i lost my departure card at Penang airport , which means i had to rewrite all my information on a new card on the spot, while my bosses waited for me. And now I can't find my namecard holder with all the namecards of the people who were interested in the project we demo-ed in Penang. And now I am freaking out cos I have to send to one of my bosses the contacts so that he can contact them.

While I am freaking out , let me just say I have learned quite a lot from my trips recently. I was basically hired as a technical person, but after the trips I gotta see the sales part of the business as well. Of course I am still struggling right now; I have never been much of a people person, even less so when it comes to strangers and having to talk to clients and sell our services and products to them. But the big bosses have given a lot of advice on that part of the business, hopefully I can pick it up as fast as possible. I got another presentation next week to a client from a local university, so it's all happening hard and fast right now, and it's all just a tad scary. Ok now back to looking for the namecards.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Women and Navels

After my Penang trip, I can safely say I think all women should pierce their navels, it is as sexy as hell. Oh and speaking of which, I was on Business Class on SQ for the flight back to Singapore,while my bosses were on Economy due to some mix-up in Malaysia arranging out flights back. Yeah that was really weird. But the difference in service from Economy to Business is really huge, too bad I only got to enjoy it for like an hour.
Really funny stuff I got off Football365, but you won't get the joke unless you are a football fan :
'David Blaine has given up his controversial stunt. He was told that 44 days doing nothing in a box is not going to break the record, which is currently held by Emile Heskey at four years'.
I been talking to this gal almost everyday for the past couple of months. But she just flew off to Nottingham this afternoon, not gonna be back for a year at the very least. Really gonna miss talking to her every night; hopefully she feels the same way too. But gonna call her tommorow , she told me Sunpage has really cheap IDD rates for calls to England, will check that out tommorow.
Went out with some of my colleagues yesterday, had a pretty good time. But just one thing, we end up talking about work most of the time. But I think that's the only thing that most of us we have in common we are all pretty different people with totally different interests, it would be hard to imagine most of them as friends if we weren't working together.

Anyway we went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, it was really good, although it had a little too much swordfighting for my tastes, but Jonny Depp was a riot , he's just so brilliant at playing this weird characters (remember Edward Scissorhands?). Oh and it had the really hot chick from Bend It Like Beckham , Knightley, i read in a review she was only 17 when they shot that movie; you know you are getting old when the new and upcoming stars that are emerging are all younger than you.

Say Anything...

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Back Home !

Yes I am back from trip to Penang and man did I have one hell of a time ! OK first day was really really sucky cos me and my colleague spend the whole damn night preparing the machines for demo-ing at the conference, and the following morning we missed our breakfast cos we were setting up the machines at the booth.

But from the 2nd day onwards it was really fun , we went swimming at the pool (and I had a pretty good workout) and had a pretty good seafood barbecue. Then on the 3rd day I went parachuting, not sure what's the term for it but basically I was up in the air in a parachute dragged by a speedboat , well it was damn short (only 5 minutes) and cost me 50 ringgit , but what the hell right its a one time thing so we went for it. And it was worth it cos I tell you the feeling of being up there in the air is really amazing.

Oh we also had the really famous Penang laksa, man let me tell u it's the best laksa I ever tasted, and it tastes nothing like the Singapore version. If you ever go to Penang u gotta try it , it's along Penang Road. I would have had 2 if I wasn't on a diet.

Oh a funny incident : we were having drinks with our bosses and I asked for a vodka lime, but the waitress didn't quite understand me, instead got me a vodka neat with a slice of lime ! Trust it that's not something you wanna taste at all.

Oh finally something not so good, I lost my handphone in Penang, I brought it there just so I can keep track of the time (I don't have auto-roaming enabled) but it must have slipped out or something. Kinda sucks cos I got all my contacts in there . But I did write down some of my contacts in my address book couple months ago so it's not that bad.

Finally why are there people wishing me 'happy birthday' using ICQ when still got 2 days more ? (Subtle way of revealing my birthday)

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Kinda worried out, the guy who is supposed to prepare the machines at Penang for our exhibition couldn't do it in time , so I have to prep them myself on SUnday night once I reach Penang. That is assuming all goes well, if there is some problem with the machines that I can't solve then I am screwed.

Got a haircut 2 days ago, the barber cut it shorter than I would have liked and now I look like a bloody army recruit. But then again it feels really nice when the wind blows against my almost bare scalp, so I am not too upset about it.
Downloaded the video of Madonna's performance at the VMAs just to see the kiss between her and Britney and Christina , and it was no big deal , like one second only. Kinda disappointing really. Yeah don't why it is, but the sight of chicks making out is a turn-on for most guys.
Ok now I am going to prepare my presentation slides for Penang , will be doing a presentation at a local university in Penang. Nervous as hell. Doing it while I am listening to the new Mars Volta CD that I got yesterday from Borders on full blast, ordered it like a month ago but haven't had the time to collect it. You people should really check it out, itts damm bloody amazing.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Phew finally got the Installation working today! Thank god I couldn't get any sleep last night because of it. Yeah my flight to Penang is confirmed; I am leaving around 7 pm this coming Sunday and will be back on Thursday night . But me and my colleague will be staying in separate rooms at the hotel which I think is kind of a pity cos I think we should save our company's money and share a room instead; I definitely wouldn't mind, after all we are both mature adults right. Alright so there's the small matter that my colleague is a chick, but I am sure she can control herself around the stallion (with a little bit of effort) . Yeah that's me, always putting the company in front of my own comfort.

On the way back on the train I saw this ad that showed a scorpion with the word 'Fearless' and a slogan which said 'I am who I want to be' or something like that. And guess what it was for; a damm Siemens M55 phone. So what , someone with a M55 is deemed to be fearless and original ? Do people actually fall for this kind of advertising?

Oh and the good people at Blogger responded to my complaint about not being to post using Mozilla. All I needed to do was clear my cache.

Monday, September 01, 2003

OK bloody hell I don't know what google did but the page where i add entries to my blog looks really weird in mozilla; kinda disappointing that they never tested it on other browsers before they made the changes permanent.

Other than that I had a pretty great day ! Ok well a stressful day cos I am really rushing my work stuff; I need to test out an installation by tommorow morning so that I can tell a guy in Penang how to do the same thing. But the great news is boss junior just told me I am going to Penang ! Woohoo when I heard that I was happy as hell cos it's another chance to fly ! Yes I really love flying dun ask me why; it's probably just the idea of being in the air and getting to see the whole country below you. Not to mention the really cute air stewardesses ! Well it's not 100 percent confirmed cos he just told me, it's not really in writing or anything but keeping my fingers crossed. But in the meantime I am kinda feeling the stress now cos need to prepare something for the conference at Penang.

An another really cool thing happened, I met a blog/net friend at City Hall today. I was pretty sure it was here cos she has loads of pictures at her site so I was like staring at her. She noticed me doing that and gave me a look, you know the "what you staring at, you handsome Indian perv?" kinda look. Anyway I called her name and then intro-ed myself and she finally realised who I was. But her boyfriend looked at the stallion with some rather obvious jealousy so I just left quickly; ok ok I am kidding he was quite a friendly guy. Hope he doesn't read this, he's pretty buffed , could probably cause some serious damage to me if he wanted.